Axel, 2, Daisy, 3½, Ashe, 4, and Otis, 6, joined their dads for a hilarious unicorn-themed sketch

By Jen Juneau
June 23, 2020 01:17 PM

Looks like Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers' little apples didn't fall far from the tree!

During Sudeikis' virtual Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance on Monday, the former Saturday Night Live costars got a little creative in "an SNL sketch that never aired," with a little help from Sudeikis' kids Daisy Josephine, 3½, and Otis Alexander, 6, plus Meyers' sons Axel Strahl, 2, and Ashe Olson, 4.

The 6-minute clip — dubbed "Second Chance Theatre: Unicorn" and creatively edited together, as the actors all seemed to have filmed separately at their respective homes amid the coronavirus pandemic — opens with Meyers, 46, introducing the "Second Chance Children's Theatre Company" alongside the adult stars of the sketch: Sudeikis, 44, and their fellow SNL alum Mike O'Brien.

The kids cheer as Sudeikis brings out a stuffed unicorn at the party the sketch is set during, and O'Brien, playing a unicorn trainer named Bruce, asks if the kids are excited. "I'm gonna name mine Sparkles!" Otis proclaims, while Ashe chooses the name Sunset and Daisy says she's going to call her unicorn Christy.

But worry soon mars the children's faces as the cigarette-smoking unicorn trainer finds a big problem: every one of the mythical animals has a bad eye infection — meaning he'll need to "put all these unicorns down today."

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Otis and Daisy Sudeikis
Ashe and Axel Meyers

"Wait, I'm gonna name mine Cinnamon," Ashe says in protest, before Sudeikis advises him to "maybe hold off on the name for a second."

Daisy lets out a scream at the news that the unicorns are going to be put down, going on to call Bruce "a monster" with Ashe before Otis joins her to say, "You're a mean guy, Bruce."

"Daddy, I really want my unicorn, please," Daisy tells Sudeikis.

The father of two tries to reason with Bruce to at least get unicorn horns as party favors, but the trainer lets him know that they "grind those down" into "the powder that they put on carpet when kids throw up."

Seth Meyers (L); Jason Sudeikis

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The sketch ends with the kids all sharing that their eyes have started itching — a clear sign that their short time with the unicorns was a little too extended.

"I say we go out in a blaze of glory," Sudeikis says, telling the kids, "I want y'all to hop on a unicorn and we're gonna ride toward that cliff over yonder."

"And hey, kids: No matter what, don't stop riding. Don't stop riding," he adds.

"Yay!" says Otis, as he, Daisy and their dad "ride" their unicorns out of the frame.