By peoplestaff225
Updated October 05, 2008 04:00 PM

Stephen Shugerman/Getty

Actor Jason O’Mara wasn’t sure what direction his life was taking when he was cast on the television show The Agency in 2002, but he was up for the challenge. Now that he looks back on it, it was the best decision he made because he met his wife, actress Paige Turco, and the pair had a son David, 4. Now that the 36-year-old has learned that his family "is really what life is about," his priorities have changed.

Now that family is first for Jason and Paige, the pair have learned that sometimes life gives you "the opposite of what you expect," especially in their careers. Jason admits that Paige "thought that after being pregnant and having a baby her career would be over," but instead "her career just went from strength to strength as soon as David was born" and "she started working and has done great movies and TV since."

Jason can next be seen on Life on Mars, premiering October 9th on ABC.

Source: Macon Telegraph