May 15, 2015 11:00 AM

Jason and Molly Mesnick‘s baby girl has reached a major milestone: she’s 2! 

The couple celebrated their daughter Riley Anne‘s second birthday with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed bash on March 14 in Washington.

Joined by family and friends, the guest of honor — who dressed the part in a Minnie dress and matching ears! — enjoyed playing with her pals, making her own hair accessories and noshing on the red and black spread of sweet treats.

In her guest blog for PEOPLE, the proud mama is recapping all the festivities, plus her thoughts on Chris Soules and fiancée Whitney and that gorgeous new sparkler she’s sporting on her finger!

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

I know it sounds so cliché, but I cannot believe Riley is 2! People really do mean it when they say, “Enjoy it because they grow up so quickly.”

It feels like just yesterday she was learning how to smile and crawl. These days, we can’t even get her to stop talking, singing, and she’s running around nonstop!

Riley has been a constant joy in our lives. She is so full of life and nothing makes me smile more than seeing her happy.

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

To celebrate her birthday this year, I told myself I wouldn’t go nearly as big as I did last year. To say I went over the top for her first birthday is a vast understatement. It was a party that I catered more towards the adults, since, well … she was only one.

Granted she is only a year older, but I wanted this year’s party to be more about Riley.

I enlisted the help of my dear friend — and without a doubt the most talented person I know — Jenny Keller of Jenny is so creative and she doesn’t miss a single detail — this party was no exception!

We started the planning process by locking down our theme. This was a lot harder to decide than you’d think. Riley is a fan of so many characters, but we ultimately landed on Minnie Mouse. From there the ideas started pouring out of Jenny.

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

Minnie Mouse shaped plates, Minnie & Mickey ears for every guest, Minnie’s “bow-toque” for a craft, a “hot diggity dog” bar for the food, vases filled with daisies! Again, Jenny didn’t miss a single detail.

Our invitations were one of my favorite details from the party. Each family received a gift box, filled with confetti and a balloon, from Harper Gray. They had to blow up the balloon to get the details for the party!

We also found the most amazing location for the party. As a parent, you always hope that you will be able to relax and enjoy a party without having to worry about what your kids are doing or what kind of mischief they’re getting into. ROMP is a modern play space FOR kids, so the parents were able to simply let the kids run free without a worry in the world! There were tons of toys for little ones and a play structure to entertain even the older kids.

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

To set the tone for the party, every guest was greeted at the door with their own pair of Mickey/Minnie socks. They also received a pair of Mickey/Minnie ears to wear. These made for some REALLY cute pictures at the photo booth! Everyone was in character from start to finish.

The kids enjoyed the freedom to run around, a craft station where they could make their own bows and necklaces, along with a coloring table for the smaller ones. The adults congregated in the kitchen area where they were able to enjoy the hotdog bar.

Each of Riley’s friends left with some major loot! The personalized goodie bags included Minnie hair ties, custom M&M’s, and gifted items from Stephen Joseph and Mabel’s Labels. I did include one of my favorite items for the parents … a free membership courtesy of Net Nanny.

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

Altogether, the party turned out better than I ever could have imagined and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Jenny Cookies. Riley had so much fun, she is STILL talking about her “Minnie party!”

With a Minnie-themed party comes a lot of Minnie-themed gifts! I think she added at least four new Minnies to her collection of stuffed animals. Her Papa also got her a Bitty Baby from American Girl, which she literally hasn’t put down in a week. She’s obsessed with it!

Speaking of obsessed: Jason and I are so excited for Chris Soules and Whitney. We met Chris a couple of months ago. At that time, we didn’t know how the show ended, but filming had wrapped, and he seemed so happy and in love! They seem like a perfect match and we wish them nothing but the best.

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

It’s been three months since Jason surprised me with a Neil Lane ring for our 5th wedding anniversary and I still look at it constantly as if I just got it. This was the greatest surprise!

It’s not about the idea of a big beautiful new diamond, rather the idea that Jason knew I would love to have a symbol that is synonymous with the show that brought us together.

Kelly Clare/KCB photography

— Molly Mesnick

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