Jason Kelce's Pregnant Wife Reveals Game-Day Plan if Baby Is Born on Super Bowl Sunday

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce could welcome their third little girl on Super Bowl Sunday, and the soon-to-be mom of three tells PEOPLE her plan should it happen

Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt Kelce
Photo: Kylie Kelce Instagram

When it comes to the possibility that Jason Kelce and wife Kylie may welcome their third baby girl while in Arizona for the Super Bowl, the 29-year-old wants to make sure she has "all hands on deck."

Joking that her husband is "of no use" to her as he preps for the big game, Kylie will have the support of her two OBs at State Farm Stadium in case she goes into labor at the game.

"They're both my OBs on a regular basis, but I didn't necessarily want one to be by themselves," Kylie explains to PEOPLE, revealing she first discussed the plan with her medical team when she realized her due date lines up with the end of the season.

"They were undefeated at the time, and we just had a moment of, 'Hypothetically speaking, the due date lines up very well with a Super Bowl date. If we happen to need to discuss that, would someone be open to coming with me?' " says Kylie.

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Kylie McDevitt Kelce and her kids
Kylie Kelce Instagram

"And of course, they were very understanding of the situation and said, 'Of course, hypothetically speaking' that someone would be able to accompany us."

"I know they can't like practice medicine in the hospital that's out in Arizona, but they'll be my support person because Jason is of absolutely no use to me in Arizona at any time, even before game time," Kylie says with a laugh.

The expectant mom — who shares daughters Elliotte, who turns 2 next month, and Wyatt, 3, with the Eagles center — will be surrounded by loved ones, should the special moment come during the big game.

"It will be our OBs, my mom and dad, and then our daughters, and then Jason's parents, and his aunt and uncle. And then we have some friends coming with us," Kylie says. "So in the event of an emergency exit, the OBs will go with me. The girls, our daughters, will stay with my mom and dad. They are there on grandchild duty."

Jason Kelce with wife Kylie
Kylie Kelce/Instagram

Kylie is being sponsored by Frida Mom as she prepares for a momentous weekend as their MVP, "Most Valuable Pusher."

"Frida and I connected once Jason let the cat out of the bag, and I have been a fan of Frida products. I have used a number of their products, and I always purchase some of their products for gift boxes for friends that I know that are having babies," Kylie says of her relationship with the brand.

"So it was kind of a no-brainer to partner up with such an authentic, mom-loving company, considering the situation we're in. Now I have the support of Frida Mom when I don't have my husband potentially there at first."

"We're making up for things where we need to," Kylie adds. "I'll have Frida Mom in support of me at the hospital, and Jason can focus on football if need be."

Helping other families through the partnership, Frida will be doing something special for all of the women who are bringing babies into the world on Sunday, providing them with the tools to start their season of motherhood.

Moms who welcome a baby on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, can send proof of birth and a shipping address, and Frida will send Frida Mom and Frida Baby gear to tackle their biggest game yet: parenthood.

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