Jason Derulo Named Newborn Son After Himself Because 'I Want My Name to Continue to Thrive'

The "Swalla" singer — who partnered with Hotwire for its #HotwireHotelGoals challenge —and girlfriend Jena Frumes welcomed their first baby together, son Jason King, in May

Jason Derulo considers his newborn son his mini-me in every way.

Not only do they share a name, but Derulo enjoys dressing up Jason King, born May 8, like him and listening to music with the baby boy.

"He seems to really adore music already," Derulo, 31, tells PEOPLE while promoting Hotwire's #HotwireHotelGoals challenge. "From when he was in the womb, he would start kicking whenever I would play music on my phone, because every morning I played the song that I had did the night prior. Now, it's the only thing that keeps him calm. He'll be going crazy one minute and then you start playing some music and he's okay."

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jason derulo and baby
Jason Derulo and his son. jason derulo/ instagram

And Derulo doesn't put on "Baby Shark" or other children's songs — instead, the TikTok star plays his own music and other adult jams that he likes.

"It's probably 60/40 regular music to kiddie music, but I was actually thinking of making some kiddie music for him, myself," Derulo says. As for whether he'd consider releasing a kids' album, Derulo says that could end up being son Jason's call.

"He'll be the first critic," the new dad continues. "If he likes it, then I guess the other kids will like it."

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Derulo's Hotwire campaign simply requires contestants to share in a TikTok video why they believe they deserve a vacation at a five-star hotel via private jet (a trip worth up to $50,000).

In Derulo's video, he shows a diaper change gone wrong as a reason why he could use a getaway. But the Cats actor finds waking up frequently during the night with baby Jason to be a major hurdle of parenting, too.

"The biggest challenge definitely is the waking up," he says, adding that baby Jason's mom, girlfriend Jena Frumes, helps out a lot. "Sometimes I wake up with one eye and I'm like, I don't know how she's doing it. Jena's been a superhero in all of this, so I've been very, very lucky. She's really incredible with him, and she is definitely the ringleader in all of this. My hat goes out to her."

Workout aficionado Derulo met fitness model Frumes, 27, at the gym prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, so of course, the musician hopes his child will "dive into a bunch of different athletics," he says. "I want him to have a foundation in health and fitness. I want to see what he gravitates towards, but I want to expose him to a lot so that he can choose his own way. But for me, it is a must that he does sports, for health reasons."

Jason and Jena baby reveal
Justin Scott Johnson

Derulo calls having a child "incredible" and claims he "always knew it was going to be a boy."

"My brother has girls, and my sister has a girl, so I knew we needed a boy to carry on the name, literally. We needed to have a boy because the Derulo name was out," the "Jalebi Baby" singer adds. "I spoke him into existence."

Because his son would be taking on the responsibility of carrying on the family name, Derulo wanted to make him a Junior.

"I wanted my name to continue to thrive, and I also thought that it would bring me closer to him," Derulo says of the name choice.

Little Jason has already made his social media debut, partaking in some of the TikTok videos for which Derulo has become known, but his parents don't want to show the baby's face just yet.

"Right now, he's just for us," Derulo explains. "Some things are sacred, and he's just a newborn. It's pretty incredible waking up every morning to a ball of sunshine. It's a whole new world that I didn't know existed, and I'm really, really thankful."

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