Jason Aldean's daughter is 4 going on 16

Country singer Jason Aldean, 30, loves being a father and calls it "a very cool experience." One of his favorite things to do is spending time talking to his oldest daughter Keeley, but insists that she is "four, going on 16." The father of two recently shared,

She’ll talk to you like she’s in her mid-20s. She uses words that I don’t even know what they mean! She’s really smart. I know everybody says that about their kid, but she’s very smart, very cool. It’s just weird that sometimes when I’m talking to her I forget that I’m talking to a 4-year-old.

Jason knows that this little girl picks up a lot of knowledge from television but isn’t quite sure which show she is getting it from. He jokingly asks Keeley sometimes,

I know you’re not getting that from Dora the Explorer, so where is that coming from?

Jason’s youngest daughter Kendyl is four months old and while he has his hands full now, he knows it’s going to worse when his children want to date.

Believe me, I was a teenage guy. I know what’s up. I know all the stories. Any guy who comes to my house trying to give me some line — I’ve used it myself, so it ain’t gonna happen.

Source: GAC TV

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