Jason Aldean counts his daughter's birth as the highlight of the year

Country singer Jason Aldean had a lot of big highlights this year in his life but he counts the birth of his second daughter Kendyl, now 4 months, as the biggest.

That was definitely the biggest highlight of the year. We’re excited. My wife [Jessica] and I both always knew we wanted to have at least two kids, and I think we’re done now. So that this year is the first year that the whole family is complete, and we got to spend our first Christmas together, is really cool. It just feels like all the missing pieces are in place now.

One worry the 30-year-old had was how his older daughter Keeley, 4, would react to the arrival of her new little sister. As is turns out, there was really no need for the worry.

Whenever you have the second child, you’re always a little nervous at how the first one is going to accept it just because they’ve been the center of attention for so long.

For us, my four-year-old, she’s kind of a free spirit anyway and she just kind of goes with the flow. She’s excited and has actually been a big help with her, which is really cool. Right now it’s kind of tough because she wants her to get up and play with her, but she can’t. She loves her to death.

Source: GAC TV

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