Inside Jasmine Roth's 'Whimsical' Yet 'Functional' Nursery Made for the Whole Family to 'Hang Out'

"The idea behind this nursery was to make a really special and safe room for baby girl Roth," Jasmine Roth tells PEOPLE exclusively

When mom-to-be Jasmine Roth began thinking of a nursery for her baby girl on the way, she wanted a room that was “functional” and could be a space “the whole family would want to hang out in.”

The HGTV star, 35, tells PEOPLE that she strayed away from going the traditional route, including everything pink and fragile.

“The idea behind this nursery was to make a really special and safe room for baby girl Roth. We love having our family and friends over, and the thought of this room not being used by everyone wasn’t working for me,” Roth explains, sharing exclusive photos of the finished space.

She adds of her and husband Brett Roth, “My biggest fear was designing a room that was all lace, bows and frills — that’s just not us!”

So, Roth, who has made a living out of bringing concepts to life, “set out to create a room that felt young, whimsical, feminine — but still had enough texture and grit to feel functional, happy and overall just really comfy.”

To achieve the “comfy” feel, Roth filled her baby girl’s room with warm and neutral colors and decor that had come from her friends.

“The first thing I did was add some MDF strips on one of the walls,” Roth says. “I painted that wall with a beautiful sea foam green, which makes a really big statement when you first walk in. I painted the rest of the walls the palest of pink and added neutral window treatments, a hanging pendant light and curtains.”

“Then, like I do with every project, it was time to break up all the ‘new’ with something vintage. New baby, new house, new nursery — the best way to make this space ready for day-to-day use is to add something that doesn’t feel ‘precious,’ ” Roth explains.

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Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Brett (L) and Jasmine Roth in their daughter’s nursery.

For a really familiar touch, Roth says “My friends were selling a bunch of vintage produce crates, which I purchased, power washed, lightly sanded, clear coated (to block any weird toxins from entering the nursery), and then installed [them] really securely to take up an entire wall.”

The task turned out “to be quite the statement!” Roth says.

Roth explains “In the middle, I added a simple mirror for those little baby selfies I always see other people post (I think they’re so cute!) and to reflect light. I love these crate shelves because not only do they look cool, they store all the awesome baby stuff that I think I would forget to use if it was jammed in a closet.”

Next, Roth and her husband focused on the furniture.

Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Jasmine Roth’s daughter’s nursery. Mike Radford
Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Mike Radford

Keeping with the theme of warmth and comfort, Roth explains “My husband and I had found a rust orange couch on sale, so that was the first thing we moved in.”

“We then assembled a simple white crib, added an upholstered oatmeal color rocking chair, and layered some rugs under multiple side tables to create an easy-to-move coffee table. Baby girl will need somewhere to play after all!”

For the changing area, Roth explains she used an “old dresser” and “changed out the hardware and added a basket to the top.”

“For the final touch, we hung some simple art, put a plant in the corner, and filled up all the shelves with cute photos, books and even some little baby shoes.”

Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Mike Radford
Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Mike Radford

While working on projects like these are often a part of Roth’s job, she says “Getting this nursery done was a great feeling” and “really fun” for her and her husband.

“Being new to this whole parenting thing, we’re trying to be as open to advice as possible, and some of the best advice we got was to not overthink the nursery,” Roth says.

While the room is complete, Roth admits “We have a bassinet by our bed and we know this little girl isn’t going to leave our arms for the first couple of months.”

“But, when the time comes, we can’t wait to have such a special room to make memories in,” she adds.

Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Mike Radford

Roth’s baby girl is expected to arrive on April 27. The Hidden Potential star first revealed she was expecting back in October.

“The word ‘excited’ just doesn’t properly serve the emotions, feelings and overall smile I have been carrying since finding out the news,” Roth told PEOPLE at the time. “I have always admired ([with] a complete sense of awe) seeing parents raising their children, and I feel like I’m finally getting to join the club. And what an exclusive club it is!”

The couple were roommates in college and later married in 2013, but decided to wait and focus on their careers and traveling before starting a family. Now, Roth — who has her hands full starring on her own HGTV show and running multiple companies — and Brett (who also has his own company) say the timing couldn’t be better to start family.

“We have literally checked off most of our bucket list in regards to travel,” she says. “I think we will always be entrepreneurs and global travelers, and I hope that will be a big part of our child’s life as well.”

Jasmine Roth Nursery Exclusive
Mike Radford

In addition to expanding her family, Roth is gearing up for the release of her new digital series New Addition: Jasmine Roth and HGTV series Help! I Wrecked My House.

New Addition: Jasmine Roth will follow the mom-to-be as she prepares for the arrival of her baby girl. The show will include visits to the doctor, her construction-themed sex reveal and her nursery design.

Help! I Wrecked My House will showcase Roth and her team as they aid overzealous homeowners fix their do-it-yourselves disasters.

“It’s all so exciting,” Roth said of the news shows. “So many wonderful things are hanging right now. My husband Brett and I have a beautiful new baby arriving soon and we can’t wait for everyone to meet her!”

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