Jared Haibon and Wife Ashley Iaconetti Are Trying for a Baby — and He Says He Wants a Girl!

Jared Haibon says he and Ashley Iaconetti have been in the "trying phase" for almost four months now

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti are busy trying for a baby!

The Bachelor in Paradise alums, who tied the knot in August 2019, are actively trying to conceive their first child together, Haibon reveals on the new episode of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. Haibon, 32, tells hosts Tayshia Adams, Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker that they've been trying for about three months now.

"We're actually in the 'trying' phase," he says. "... We're gonna try and let the chips fall where they may. Because, you know, we've been told it could — who knows how long it could take."

When Parker asked whether Iaconetti, 32, could be pregnant right now, he responds, "She hasn't taken a pregnancy test, if that's what you're asking. But I guess, like, technically speaking she could be. But no, we've been trying for three or four months now."

Haibon says Iaconetti wears a watch with a tool that tells her when she's ovulating. "She's very good at 'this day, that day, that day, this day,' " he says with a smile. "It's like, 'Alright, hey, you just tell me when.' "

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"Do you want a boy or a girl first? Or whatever God gives you?" asks Adams.

"Honestly it doesn't matter. I'd love to have both a boy and a girl," says Haibon. "Now having a girl dog [named Lois] — this is weird — but, like, now I really want a girl because having a girl dog, she's so dainty and delicate. It's like Daddy's little girl, and I'm like I kinda want this in a human now."

"That's cute, actually, though," Adams says. "I think guys having a daughter is such a game-changer for them. They become such a mush and you see a totally different side to men. That's exciting, I can't wait for you to be a girl dad."

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti
Paul Archuleta/Getty

Celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary in August, Iaconetti and Haibon reflected on finding each other and making the most of their time as husband and wife.

"I've never cried less than I have this year!!" Iaconetti began her caption on Instagram, which accompanied a gallery of her "favorite" romantic snapshots from their Newport, Rhode Island, ceremony. "Before Jared, at the end of every day, I'd think, 'I'm one day closer to being with my person.' Now every night I think another precious day has gone by with my love."

"I don't think personally life can get any better than it is now for us and I'm grateful for it every day," she continued. "I love being in our comforting, supportive, playful, loving marriage."

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