Jane Krakowski's Son Bennett Is a Budding Comedian Like His Mom

"He enjoys getting a laugh, I wonder where he got that from," the actress jokes to PEOPLE of her son

He gets it from his mama!

Jane Krakowski‘s son Bennett Robert might only be 4 years old, but he already shares his mother’s appreciation of comedy.

“He has a great sense of humor, which obviously makes his mama proud,” Krakowski told PEOPLE at the kickoff of Pampers Cruisers #SagToSwag Tour in New York City on Wednesday.

“[Bennett]’s just learning what an actual written out joke is and enjoys it.”

She adds, “He enjoys getting a laugh, I wonder where he got that from.”

Jane Krakowski Pampers Cruises Sag to Swag

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In fact, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star’s son is already well-versed in what differentiates a standard joke from a classic.

Once when a visitor came by, the actress reveals, “he started telling them some jokes and he did first, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ … So he did that joke and he said, ‘Now, do you want to hear a classic?’ ”

“He actually called a joke a classic,” Krakowski adds with a laugh. “And then he did the knock knock who’s there banana, banana, banana, orange and I was like, ‘Well he’s right, it’s a classic.’ ”

While the mother-son duo share the same funny bone, the 46-year-old actress admits her son isn’t her mini-me. “He’s actually a very individual little person,” she says. “He’s a wonderful little chap.”

Krakowski, who is returning to Broadway in the revival of She Loves Me next year, calls finding the balance between work and family a “process,” but it’s one where there is “joy every day” at both home and work.

Luckily for the Emmy-nominated actress, she gets to bring a piece of home — her son — with her to set on special occasions.

“We have a kid’s Halloween party every year,” Krakowski reveals. “We did at 30 Rock and do at Kimmy as well, so he’s visited on those days.”

And although Bennett might not fully comprehend what Mommy does for a living, the actress says, “I’m sure he just thinks I live Halloween every day because I dress up and there’s craft service, which is basically free candy so I think he thinks I’m some sort of Halloween character.”

— Alexandra Hurtado

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