August 19, 2011 09:00 AM

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A monkey joins Jane Krakowski in her new Trop50 commercials, but that’s not the only cuddly set visitor she’s had.

Son Bennett Robert, 4 months, was a hit during his first trip to see Mom at work, Krakowski tells PEOPLE.

“He loved it,” the 30 Rock star, 42, says. “He had a great time meeting everybody — he’s a people person.”

Bennett, who arrived in April, got his name because the moniker was “always stuck” in Krakowski and Robert Godley‘s heads after a search.

“It’s an English name on my fiancé’s side,” she explains. “We went through all the names on both sides. He came out and he looked like a Bennett! It suited him.”

And it appears Bennett has inherited more than just his name: he’s also a redhead.

“[His hair] was quite strawberry blonde when he was born, but it’s gone more red now,” shares Krakowski. “Both of our moms have red hair so we think he got that recessive gene!”

Krakowski, who’s nominated for an outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series Emmy for her role as Jenna Maroney, is excited for the ceremony — and fitting into her dress.

“Good old-fashioned hard work is the way I’m getting rid of the baby weight,” she notes. “I’ve been spinning a lot and working out with a personal trainer. I’m excited to get into my Emmy dress!”

— Catherine Kast

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