"When you attack my kid and think that I'm not focused on my child, it really, really bothers me," Kramer said

Jana Kramer is once again clapping back at Internet trolls, this time for criticism of her 3-year-old daughter Jolie Rae.

The country singer and One Tree Hill alum wrote an impassioned message on her Instagram account on Monday night, defending Jolie’s developmental speech delays in the caption of the smiling mother-daughter photo.

“Listen up: I am always going to protect my daughter,” Kramer, 35, began in her post. “I can handle my bullies but when someone attacks my daughter and says mean stuff about her, I am going to say something.”

“This hasn’t been the first time someone has attacked her on my page or DMs, so I wanted to set the record straight,” Kramer said. “Yes, Jolie has a speech delay. She works with a speech therapist every Friday. The fact [that] people attack her, and also me, saying I’m a bad mom, has really messed with me. Bottom line, all kids learn and grow at different paces so if you want to not like me, that’s fine, but please don’t pick on my child. I will NOT stand for it.”

She continued: “I have chosen to show my life and my kids online and maybe that is my fault, but I will not let you bully my kid. You don’t know what goes on in this house so please don’t be mean.”

Kramer, who shares Jolie and 4-month-old son Jace with husband Mike Caussin, then carried her frustrations over to her Instagram story.

There, she shared a comment left on the page of her Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast from a critic who was slamming how much Kramer talks about sex.

“She worries too much about sex and fluttering those fake eyelashes on her Instagram Stories,” the hater wrote. “She needs to put her priorities and focus on things in her life that should be of immediate concern. Like the fact that her 3-year-old daughter still talks and behaves like a 1-year-old.”

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Credit: Jana Kramer/Instagram

After showing the comment, Kramer responded again.

“If you don’t like my fake eyelashes, I don’t care. They’re mine, not yours, so that’s fine, you don’t have to like them. If you don’t want to listen to my podcast? Okay, I’m sorry, you don’t like it … But when you attack my kid and think that I’m not focused on my child, it really, really bothers me,” Kramer said.

“Do not bully my child,” she added. “Do not tell me what you think you know because you don’t know.”

To top it off, Kramer shared a photo of Jolie sticking her tongue out at the camera. “What we say to haters,” Kramer labeled the picture.

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Though being a parent of two has opened Kramer up to a slew of mommy shammers, the experience has been completely worthwhile.

In December 2018, Kramer spoke to PEOPLE and shared how she had already learned a valuable lesson from her two young children.

“Being a mom has changed me in so many ways. I had zero patience before kids,” Kramer said. “I love singing, I love acting, I love doing my podcast and creating things, but being a mom is what truly fulfills me. It is the best part of my day, even though it’s the most stressful.”

The actress also credited her role as a parent for teaching her and Caussin, 31, how to communicate better.

“Our marriage, you think would be more stressful, and don’t get me wrong there are times when we are sleep deprived and short with each other because we’re so tired and you take that out on the people you love, but we have a quicker rebound now,” she said.

In June 2018, Kramer revealed to PEOPLE about how the couple endured three miscarriages and two chemical pregnancies before conceiving naturally following a failed IVF cycle and subsequent loss earlier that year.

“It’s hard because it’s like, ‘Have hope,’ but when you’re in that moment, hope is the hardest to find,” she said. “It’s so hard not to [stress] when you want a family so bad.”

“Babies and having other kids don’t save a marriage but for us, this baby truly has been a savior for us in a way that we’ve really done our work and gotten dirty,” added Kramer of she and Caussin’s efforts since their 2016 separation following infidelity.

“We’re bringing a child into this world. We have to be there for each other and continue to do our own recovery work for him and me and be in a place where we’re bringing [our son] into the best environment possible.”