Jana Kramer's Blog: Focusing on the Positive (and My Pants)

In her latest blog, the mom-to-be admits it may finally be time to officially transition to maternity clothes

Jana Kramer is pregnant!

The 31-year-old country singer/songwriter, whose latest single is “I Got the Boy,” is also known for her hits “Love” and “Why Ya Wanna.” Her new album, thirty one, will be released on Oct. 9 and features 11 tracks, six of which Kramer co-wrote. Check out “Said No One Ever,” streaming now here.

Before moving to Nashville, where she lives with her husband, former NFL tight end Michael Caussin, and their three dogs, Kramer was an actress, playing Alex onOne Tree Hill and guest-starring on Friday Night Lights, Entourage and 90210.

The couple wed in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May and are now expecting their first child — a baby girl! — in February.

Kramer can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @kramergirl.

Jana Kramer blog

It’s official: I’m wearing pregnancy leggings – Courtesy Jana Kramer

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I can’t believe it has already been five weeks!!! A lot has changed, but unfortunately I’m still getting sick. I have tried it all, but still can’t seem to shake the nausea and vomiting.

Sometimes I will be having a great day … for example, the other day I started to work out again to help make myself feel better. I thought maybe it would help — and it really does, BUT soon after I was sick again. I know other women face this, it’s a small price to pay for the joy I have and how thankful I am to be with child.

For those of you who never got sick, I secretly curse you.

But enough complaining, I’m just going to channel my inner Olivia Pope and I’m going to be a gladiator. (I love that show!! I binge watched the entire four seasons of Scandal early in pregnancy and can’t wait for it to come back on.)

Now second semester is all about screenings. I’m not sure if other women have felt the same, but before my anatomy screening, I was getting so worried because I would feel flutters and then it would go away. Between worry and the dreaded Google I was scared s—less. Always trying to be positive, but really worried about all I had read.

Jana Kramer blog

Entertaining me while we wait for my ob/gyn – Courtesy Jana Kramer

However, we had our anatomy screening the other day and it went great! My husband and I were both very excited to see how much she has grown. She is measuring out great and everything looks to be on track.

When I saw her feet I started to cry. Her sweet little foot print! She was squirming around and kept putting her hand to her face. These moments remind us not to focus on the negative or the worst case scenario and always think all will be okay. Have faith.

Jana Kramer blog

Our baby girl loves putting her hands up – Courtesy Jana Kramer

As far as my body, well, I have for sure popped. NOTHING fits, so I have become so creative trying to find ways to still wear my jeans. I tried the whole rubber band thing, but now I’m at the point where I can’t zip my pants and people say, “Um, your zipper is down,” to which I respond, “Oh, I know … if I could zip it, I would.”

So, it really is time for leggings and pregnancy pants! HOT! Hahaha. I honestly just can’t wait ’till fall and colder weather. I have bought a ton of ponchos and long sweaters and really just want it to get cold. I have completely moved all short tops and everything that doesn’t fit out of my closet, but of course the heat wave in Nashville is still around.

Jana Kramer blog

Performing while pregnant isn’t always easy – Courtesy Jana Kramer

It really is crazy though, everything that is happening to my body. And even though I can’t fit into anything, I feel pretty now. There is something so beautiful about a pregnant woman. I thought I wouldn’t feel pretty, but I feel the prettiest in this moment even if I cannot fit into my skinny jeans.

I have a sense of pride and responsibility as well. Clearly, my perspectives on life and beauty are changing for the better.

My eating has been pretty good. I have been craving mangos and Pop-Tarts! What are my pregnant ladies craving today??

All right well, I’m on a flight now and of course I have to pee so thanks for reading my blog. I’ll be back soon!!


— Jana Kramer

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