Jamie Otis Reveals She's Not Sure If She Will Try to Have Another Baby Following Her Miscarriage

The Married at First Sight star opened up about her future conceiving plans on Instagram Monday

Photo: Jamie Otis/Instagram

Jamie Otis is opening up about moving forward in the wake of her miscarriage.

Two days after she first revealed the devastating loss, the Married at First Sight star, 32, posted another update to her followers on Instagram about her future plans to conceive and how she’s been handling the miscarriage.

“Just got home from my follow up doc apt. No D&C needed,” she began her post on Monday, referencing a common surgical procedure, dilation and curettage, performed after miscarriages.

“I am *so thankful* for this,” she captioned an emotional black-and-white image of her and husband Doug Hehner face-to-face with their eyes closed.

“@doughehner & I have to wait a month before we can hop back on the trying-to-conceive bandwagon,” she explained. “But honestly – at this point – I don’t even know when we are going to begin trying again.”

“At first I was so hurt, but I’m almost mad now,” she continued. “Not mad, just frustrated I guess. We’re going to wait the cycle and see how we feel when the time comes.”

Jamie Otis/Instagram

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner with their daughter Henley Grace

Otis also explained that her doctors planned to run tests to see if she had thrombophilia, a condition where the blood frequently tends to clot, according to the National Blood Clot Alliance.

“My docs and I are at a loss as to why I had a second-trimester loss and now two miscarriages in about four months,” she added.

Changing tones, the reality star then went on to encourage her followers who may also be experiencing similar situations, reassuring them that they aren’t alone.

“We will get through this together,” she said. “One in four never seems real until it happens to you. I’m here for you, my fellow angel baby mamas. No one should have to go through this alone.”

In a final note, Otis thanked her husband — who she shares 16-month-old daughter, Henley Grace with — for his tremendous support through this trying time.

“And Douglas, thank you for spooning me even when I don’t have the energy to shower. Thank you for kissing me even after I’m just too lazy to brush my teeth all day.” she lovingly wrote. “And Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I’m so blessed to have you as my hubby. I love you.”

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The star revealed on Friday that during a doctor’s appointment, she learned the devastating news that she had miscarried at 10 weeks.

“So thankful for this little one and her daddy.🙏🏻” she captioned a photo of herself lying in bed and snuggling with, Henley Grace.

“Our doc appointment didn’t go well today.😢 I’m devastated. We’ve had a ‘failed miscarriage,’” she revealed.

The reality star said that the couple was given with three options about how to proceed.

“1) Wait for my body to miscarry our baby naturally. 2) Go to the hospital and have a D&C. 3) Take medication to help my body miscarry quicker,” she wrote. Taking medication — pills called misoprostol — can make a miscarriage happen sooner, according to American Family Physician.

She admitted that she really doesn’t “want to have to go to the [operating room] and have a D&C for obvious reasons,” and ultimately decided to take medication.

“I’d love for my body to just naturally take the proper course, but since we don’t know how long that would take and since there’s a small risk for infection I opted to take the medicine and hope and pray it works so I don’t have to have a D&C.🙏🏻,” she said.

On Saturday, Otis said she thought “the worst is finally over” after a night of excruciating pain.

She also explained that while the couple was going through an incredibly difficult time, “we’re trying our best to stay positive.”

“We’ve made it through this before – RIP our sweet angel baby, Johnathan,” she wrote, in reference to the baby boy the couple lost in 2016, four months into her pregnancy.

“We will make it through this too,” she added. “I guess our little Johnny wanted a little brother or sister to play with up in heaven.”

In August 2017, one year after the loss of their baby boy, the couple — who were matched on Married at First Sight in 2014 and got married on the show — welcomed their greatest joy into their lives: rainbow baby Henley.

Eight months later, in April 2018, the couple shared on Instagram that they were ready to start trying for another baby.

But in September, Otis announced another tragic loss: she experienced a chemical pregnancy just days after sharing a picture of a pregnancy test that she hoped was positive.

A chemical pregnancy is “an early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation,” according to Healthline.

“Sorry I’ve been MIA, this very bizarre positive pregnancy test then negative test then faint positive lines gave me hope that Gracie was going to become a big sis in 9 months, but the night before last I began having terrible contraction-like pains & spotting,” Otis wrote on Instagram.

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Two months later, the pair learned that they were expecting another baby.

Now, as Otis and Hehner continue to process the heartbreaking loss of their baby, they are holding tight to their little girl.

“Spending the rest of the day in bed thanking God from the bottom.of.my.heart for our rainbow baby, @henleygracehehner,” Otis wrote on Friday, as she opened up about her devastating news for the first time. “Feeling so blessed to have her to hold while my heart aches!”

And Hehner echoed those sentiments in an Instagram post of his own on Monday, featuring little Henley Grace walking and holding up a roll of toilet paper. “We are so grateful for our little rainbow,” he wrote.

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