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September 19, 2017 06:10 PM

Jamie Otis is celebrating her adorable soon-to-be one-month-old baby girl. 

On Tuesday, the Married at First Sight star shared a sweet snap on social media of her holding daughter, Henley Grace Hehner.

“Today marks 4 weeks since the best blessing in my life came,” the 31-year-old said in an Instagram post. “[@henleygracehehner officially turns one month old Friday.]”

Otis—who welcomed her first child with husband, Doug Hehner, 33, in August—went on to explain that over this past month she’s learned a lot about mommyhood.

“I’ve learned SO much in these 4 weeks. First of all, how amazing are the hospital undies?!,” said Otis, who is seen in her bra and underwear in the photo.

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“(When I got to my last pair I threw them in the wash – tip: they hold up after washing & drying.),” she continued. “I also never knew the excruciating pain that came AFTER having a baby I always feared her coming out – probably shouldn’t admit this since I’m a L&D nurse, but I never truly realized how painful the healing process is – for like weeks.” 

“Peeing with stitches, trying to poo, breastfeeding … even just sitting down,” added Otis. “OUCH! ..I cant even imagine the recovery for c-section. Having a baby is a total life changer over night. You know this going into it, but can never fully prepare for it all.” 

The new mom admits that, over the past month, she’s learned that she can make it through her days with little sleep.

“I learned that I can function {at least partially} on 4 hours of sleep,” shared the reality TV star. “But the best thing I learned in these last 4 weeks is the amount of LOVE I have inside me – not only for my precious baby girl, but for her daddy as well.”

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Gushed Otis: “I never knew I could love this much. And gosh, it feels SO good. I’m rambling at this point, but since my sitz bath is just hanging in the corner of this pic I wanted to give it a proper shout out too…those things are amazing!”

And it seems like the proud mama isn’t in a hurry to lose her baby weight. 

“PS – Nope, not back to my normal size,” wrote Otis. “And nope, don’t care at all. I’m just focusing on being as healthy as can be while nursing. #soinlove #purebliss #andpain #4thtrimester #4weekspostpartum.”

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