Pregnant Jamie Otis Gets Healthy Report at 16 Weeks After Cramping Scare: 'Fear Got the Best of Me'

A recent health scare that had pregnant Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis worried she would again experience the pains of losing a child before birth

Jamie Otisrainbow baby pregnancy has been a joyous occasion — save for a recent health scare that had the Married at First Sight star worried she would again experience the pains of losing a child before birth.

The 30-year-old mom-to-be previously said she hadn’t “been overly worried with this pregnancy.” But this week, a doctor’s appointment had her feeling some unfortunate déjà vu.

“I’ve been a worried wreck,” Otis wrote in the caption to an Instagram post on Thursday. “First I began cramping (very mild). Then I had a doctor’s appointment and even though my doctor told me everything looked fine, I still thought it looked like the amniotic fluid was low.”

The amniotic fluid was a trigger for Otis. She and her husband Doug Hehner previously lost their first child, Johnathan, 17 weeks into the pregnancy “because he had no amniotic fluid.”

Source: Jamie Otis/Instagram
Source: Jamie Otis/Instagram

“We were 17 weeks when we lost him, and I just turned 16 weeks today with this baby,” Otis wrote. “It really did look to me that the amniotic fluid was low. I guess maybe fear got the best of me.”

Luckily, a visit with another doctor helped calm Otis’ nerves.

“I am SO happy to say that we just had a super thorough visit with another doctor and our baby is absolutely fine!” she said. “We got to see him/her bouncing around, kicking those little legs, and sucking his/her thumb! I cannot tell you what a relief it was just to see our baby moving and content inside. The doctors say he/she is measuring perfectly, too.”

Look back on it, Otis found a hard time putting into words just how calm the news made her feel.

“Feeling blessed and relieved and SUPER HAPPY doesn’t even begin to describe it,” she said. “I don’t know why I was so worried — I should have known his/her big brother is looking out and making sure his little sibling is okay every step of the way.”

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During a visit to PEOPLE Now on Feb. 8, Otis and Hehner discussed their decision to try for another baby so soon after loss. (The couple learned they were expecting on Dec. 20 — baby Johnathan’s original due date.)

According to Hehner, the outpouring of kindness he and his wife felt from their family actually gave them the strength to try again.

“You have to remember that family is everything and you’re not alone going through anything,” he said. “It’s okay to just lean on somebody else and to just become a family — become a unit. The spirits were high still and Jamie and I went right back at it. I’m always up for practicing to have babies. Right back in!”

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And though Hehner says the threat of another loss is “always in the back of your head,” he’s “just so happy” for their new baby.

“You just can’t imagine the emotion,” he explained. “It’s joy, it’s happiness, it’s sadness … I’m happy with how it happened the way it did. I think we’re stronger for it.”

Otis agreed. While she and Hehner’s decision to try again came quickly, she understands that not every couple may be ready to start the journey over again.

“I think for some women, it takes longer for them, ” she said. “Everyone handles it differently.”

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