March 02, 2014 11:20 PM


Jamie-Lynn Sigler has found out that there’s a high price to pay for motherhood.

While the new mom loves to make her 6-month-old son Beau Kyle giggle, she admits he may be the one getting the last laugh.

“I can twerk my face in every way possible and I’m probably going to have to get Botox a lot sooner than I ever thought because I’ll do anything to get him to laugh,” Sigler, 32, joked to PEOPLE on Friday at the QVC Red Carpet Style event in Beverly Hills.

Calling motherhood “the most rewarding thing in the world,” the actress admits she has fallen head over heels with Beau.

“It’s all of the clichés you’ve ever heard, everything,” she shares. “It’s just amazing and I never knew how obsessed I could be with something.”

In fact, Sigler cherishes her time with her son so much, that she has struggled to get back in a working groove since giving birth.

“It’s been really hard to force myself to entertain doing anything else — I thought I was going to be able to bounce right back,” she says.

Between their baby boy and busy work schedules, Sigler and her fiancé Cutter Dykstra have put wedding plans “on the back burner.” These days, with Dykstra gearing up for the spring baseball season, the couple have dedicated their time to staying in touch.

“He’s in spring training right now so he’s away, but he’s a very hands-on dad — changing diapers, feeding, everything. He was fantastic,” Sigler says. “[We do] a lot of FaceTiming, lots of photos, videos. He doesn’t want to miss a thing from his little boy and I get it.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mariah Haas

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