Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals 'Guilt and Sadness' Over Stopping Breastfeeding Her Son Due to MS

"The truth is, the toll of two kids and a newborn lifestyle is not the easiest on me ... and I need some help," Jamie-Lynn Sigler wrote on a Thursday post

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is getting real about her struggle with multiple sclerosis — specifically, how it has affected her as a mom.

The Sopranos actress revealed to PEOPLE in January 2016 that she’d been battling the illness for 15 years, and has since been open about how it has affected her life, marriage to Cutter Dykstra and parenting sons Jack Adam, 11 weeks, and Beau Kyle, 4½.

“All my fellow mommies that deal with MS or anything that causes them to have to make choices they didn’t necessarily want to … this is for you,” the 36-year-old star began a lengthy, heartfelt Instagram message she shared Thursday night, alongside a photo of herself and baby Jack.

“I’m having to stop breastfeeding soon so I can get back on meds,” Sigler continues. “The truth is, the toll of two kids and a newborn lifestyle is not the easiest on me … and I need some help.”

She laments, “What sucks is that I live with a disease that makes decisions for me a lot, and with breastfeeding I took SUCH pride that I was able to do something really awesome with this body that I am constantly at war with.”

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“This little guys tummy is struggling with the formula, and I KNOW we will both be fine, but I’m emotionally having to deal with the guilt and sadness that is coming along with weaning us both off this magical time,” Sigler adds. “Any advice from my fellow mommies on how this can be any easier?”

Support poured in from fans and fellow moms alike, who encouraged Sigler and praised her for doing the right thing for herself and her family.

“So many women feel such guilt for having to take care of themselves first. I am one of them,” wrote one. “The truth is that without you it would fall apart! His little tummy will adjust, you may need to find another formula or just wait it out. But being BRAVE enough to say you need help makes you a mother your children can look up to.”

Another chimed in, “You got this! You might try a couple different formulas to see if your little one prefers one, but either way, your love is fundamental and the rest isn’t. 💗”

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While MS has definitely thrown a wrench in certain aspects of parenting, Sigler admitted in the past that motherhood encouraged her to publicly reveal her diagnosis.

“I think when you become a mother, you’re much more reflective on things and I was thinking about my son and anticipating as he got older, I would never ask him to hold this secret for me,” the actress told Harry Connick Jr. in November 2016.

She added, “I want to be an example of strength and perseverance and pushing past my circumstances. And so I finally got ready to take my power back and be public with it.”

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