Jamie Lynn Spears confirms she is expecting a daughter, celebrates baby shower

On Friday, May 2nd, Jamie Lynn Spears was fêted with a women’s-only baby shower at her home in Louisiana. Joined by her mother, Lynne, sister Britney (whom Jamie Lynn was seeing for the first time in almost seven months), family and friends, the gathering of about 25 began at 5 pm and was based around a dinner party theme.

Expecting her baby girl — yes, she confirmed she’s having a daughter — in late June, Jamie Lynn spoke to OK! about her shower, gaining weight, baby names, fiancé Casey Aldridge, and impending motherhood.


(Britney, Lynne, Jamie Lynn, Casey’s sister Ashley and his mom Joyce)

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At the shower, Jamie Lynn was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of love and gifts that came her daughter’s way. While her mother and family friends provided many of the big-ticket items, Jamie’s younger friends bought many of the fun ones.

I got adorable clothes. I registered for all the necessities. There is a certain type of bottle I use, Dr. Brown’s bottles. You need your travel set and your sling. I got a wonderful sling yesterday. It is adorable, and it will put a baby right to sleep.

Sharing that she and Casey "haven’t figured out" names yet, Jamie Lynn teased that "no one has given me any suggestions. I wish they would!" Perhaps her baby girl is giving out some suggestions of her own — Jamie Lynn revealed that she’s a big kicker.

It’s when she kicks, when you know she’s there. When she kicks me, I love it. I want to squeeze her already. I do talk to her, you know, like all moms talk to their babies. I just tell her how much I love her.

Jamie Lynn explained that although she barely showed for months, ever since her morning sickness let up, she’s been growing steadily and is feeling wonderful.

I don’t know the exact amount. I’m sure it’s up in the 20s. I’mpretty normal, I think. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m not going to worryabout gaining weight. I’m just trying to stay healthy. I’ve been likingchocolate milk a lot. I’ve been drinking a glass at least once a day. Ihad morning sickness for the first three months. I couldn’t eat so Ididn’t gain any weight in the beginning. I was sick all the time. Now,I feel great!

Divulging that she is so focused on her upcoming daughter that returning to work "hasn’t even occurred to me … I just want to be a good mom," the 17-year-old actress is instead devoting time and energy to her relationship with fiancé Casey and preparing for the birth and parenthood together.

He has always been there for me. I’ve known him forever. Anytime I need anything, it doesn’t matter where weare or where we’re going, he’s the firstone to take care of it. He’s asking meevery five seconds how I’m doing. Hejust cares about me and has really been there for me. That’s what has made meso relaxed through it all because he’s relaxed about it.


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