By peoplestaff225
December 28, 2008 03:00 PM

Matt Sayles/AP

As he prepared for the release of his third studio album, actor and singer Jamie Foxx says that there was no better sounding board than the one he had at home in daughter Corrine, 14.  Intuition attempts to “marry R&B and hip-hop,” Jamie explains, which isn’t the easiest thing for a 41-year-old to master! When he needs an honest, unfiltered opinion on whether or not his music will land with a younger audience, it was Corrine Jamie turned to. “My daughter will be like, ‘Dad, you sound old on this,'” he tells The Boom Box. “So I let her hear some songs and she said, ‘You sound young!'”

Corrine is Jamie’s only child. Intuition is in stores now.

Source: The Boom Box