Update: The winners are:

  • Shannon, from Ashland, OH, who said, "I had no idea what poisons it is puttingout, I defiantly pay closer attention to what I’m buying. Thank you forthe eye opener."
  • Suzanne, from Dublin, OH, who said, "I think that not using PVC is a good idea because anything that you cando, be it however small, to reduce any negative impact on theenvironment should be investigated. When it comes down to something assimple as buying this bag over a PVC bag – just do it! I also thinkit’s cool when celebrity parents (Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts,Maggie Gyllenhaal, etc.) introduce us to, and build awarenees for,greener products"
  • Jodi, from Arkport, NY, who said, "Not using PVC in bags is a good idea because it istoxic and obviously no parent wants that around their children. I’m soglad there are more and more companies like Fleurville that take safety intoaccount before cost."

James Wilkie Broderick, being the son of Sarah Jessica Parker, has some steep, stylish shoes to fill. And so far he’s doing it right. Recently spotted out and about with daddy, Matthew Broderick, James wasn’t just carrying around a backpack- instead he had a stylish and practical Fleurville Lunch Pak!


Each Lunch Pak has closed-cell insulation throughout, so the entire body of the bag works as an insulator.The lining is very easy to clean and is heat reflective. The name tag is hidden so that random strangers can’t easily see the name of the owner of the bag, but helps to locate the owner when the bag is lost or misplaced.

The best feature of the bag is what Fleurville calls a project pocket. This allows the owner to easily carry around their artwork, crafts and/or projects. The bag can be carried by the top handle or as a backpack with the straps and is PVC- and Teflon-free.

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  • Visit and read up on their "Green" practices.
  • Tell us why you think not using PVC in bags is a good idea.
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