January 21, 2011 04:00 PM

Marc Cartwright

First time father James Van der Beek‘s 3½-month-old daughter Olivia is proving to be quite the daddy’s girl — and mom Kimberly is happily reaping the benefits!

“She loves her daddy,” Kimberly told PEOPLE at the HBO Golden Globes party.

“I got to say her favorite thing, actually, is to be in the Baby Bjorn in front of him and they cook breakfast for me together.”

And although the actor, 33, raves Olivia is “all smiles” in the morning, the quieter moments are equally as gratifying.

“[The highlight of my night was] when I finally got our 3½-month-old to go to sleep during the broadcast,” he laughs. “It’s a little challenging here and there.”

As a result, date night has never been so rewarding for the new parents.

“Yes, it’s a good night! We’re just kind of enjoying being out — at all!” Van der Beek says. “When we have a babysitter and some place to dress up and go, it’s a lot of fun.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Cynthia Wang

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