James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly are parents to Gwendolyn, Emilia, Annabel, Joshua and Olivia

By Anya Leon
October 05, 2020 03:36 PM

Gang's all here!

James Van Der Beek and his family of seven made a pitstop during their ongoing road trip from Los Angeles to Texas over the weekend, taking a break along the way to pay a visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The actor, 43, shared a few snapshots from their time at the famous tourist attraction, including a group photo featuring James, his wife Kimberly and their five children: Gwendolyn, 2, Emilia, 4, Annabel Leah, 6, Joshua, 8, and Olivia, 9½.

"I visited #GrandCanyon when I was a kid. And despite the chaos of the past thirty years... she's still there," he captioned a gallery of photos.

"Unchanged by all the stupid stuff we've been up to," James continued. "Was reminded today just how small we are, and how temporary our time here is."

Other photos from the set showed all the kids looking out over the canyon with their dad, taking in the view with binoculars and cuddling with their dogs.

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James and Kimberly Van Der Beek with their children Gwendolyn, Emilia, Annabel, Joshua and Olivia
| Credit: James VanDerBeek/Instagram
James Van Der Beek and his children
| Credit: Kimberly VanDerBeek/Instagram
James Van Der Beek's daughter Emilia
| Credit: Kimberly VanDerBeek/Instagram

Before the Van Der Beeks began their journey from the west coast down to Texas, they stopped along the way at friend Nikki Reed's house to pick up two new members of their crew: Windsor and Able. The mixed breed rescue puppies join the family's dogs, Rocky and Skye.

"Today we left our home in Beverly Hills to embark on a new adventure in Texas. As we began our 10 day road trip we decided to adopt two new rescue pups from @wagmorpets to bring along and bond on this journey," Kimberly revealed on Instagram last week.

"Their names are Windsor (blue eyed gray one) and Able. Able means breath. And we need a lot of breath right now. Rocky and Skye bonded with them right away...!!!"

She continued, "We will document this trip in hopes that it can bring a smile to your face during such an uncertain time in the world. With love from our family to yours, thank you for your support on this journey. ✌️ Los Angeles. 'Twas a good run."

James Van Der Beek's daughter Olivia
| Credit: Kimberly VanDerBeek/Instagram

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Kimberly, 38, recently appeared on The Make Down podcast, where she opened up about homeschooling her children — and her thoughts on the traditional educational system — as well as the couple's devastation over their recent miscarriages.

"I understand that I am very blessed to be able to birth five children. I've also had five miscarriages, two of which were really harsh experiences," said Kimberly. "... It has changed my day-to-day quite a bit, because I'm in very much a healing mode right now."

And although the mom of five admitted she is still recovering and thus not ready for another baby, she has not completely ruled out the possibility of their family growing once again.

"Listen, the possibility is there, if my body agrees to it. I do not take birth control — big surprise! And, in fact, I will not take birth control. It really took me years to rebalance my system after birth control," she explained, adding, "You know, there are other ways to go about calculating dates and things to not get pregnant. We're not great at that."