James Van Der Beek Jokes He Needs to 'Break Up with His Hairdresser' After Daughter Gives Him New Look

"I look like Snape," the father of five joked of his hairstyle

James Van Der Beek
Photo: James Van Der Beek/Instagram

James Van Der Beek is debuting a new 'do thanks to his 7-year-old daughter.

On Wednesday, the Dawson's Creek alum revealed that his daughter Annabel Leah gave the actor a new hairstyle, showing off the finished look on Instagram.

The actor, 43, shared a video of his daughter playing with his hair after giving him a "fancy" look.

"Hello, look what I did to my da-da's hair, fancy right?" Annabel said to the camera, continuing to brush her father's hair.

"I look like Snape," the father of five teased, prompting Annabel to burst into laughter. "I don't think I'm gonna keep this hairdo."

"On crazy hair day you will," Annabel said, before daring her father to wear the new look to work.

"Fortunately they have hair and wardrobe people to fix me if I show up like this," Van Der Beek joked.

"When you need to break up with your hairdresser but don't because you're friends," the actor captioned his Instagram.

Van Der Beek, who also shares kids Gwendolyn, 2, Emilia, 4½, Joshua, 8½, and Olivia, 10 with wife Kimberly, shared photos of his hair on his Instagram Stories as well. "#SnapeHairDon'tCare," he wrote alongside one of the pictures.

James Van Der Beek
James Van Der Beek/Instagram

In honor of Annabel's birthday last month, the actor shared a beautiful tribute to his daughter on Instagram.

"Seven years ago today... we got to meet you. We'd kept your gender a surprise. I was almost sure you'd be a boy, but that if you weren't, I'd never be able to predict anything you'd do. Let's just say I was half spot-on," he began the lengthy caption.

"You came out calm, at peace, and happy - as if you were quite pleased with where you'd landed - and every moment since... you've been a joy," he continued. "Your sense of humor cracks me up on a soul level, your crazy stories enthrall me, and the tender loving care you show to all creatures makes my heart sing. But I think I'm most in awe of how you're able to alchemize the energy of any room into which you run, skip, or dance. And how and you do it with the ease and fluidity of water."

"You are truly a magical creature and I'm SO deeply grateful just to get to hang out with you, let alone be your Dad. I love you, kiddo. Happy Birthday," he concluded the sweet post.

Van Der Beek announced in September that he and his family were relocating from Los Angeles to Texas, and the following month Kimberly shared a look at their new "compound" with fans in an Instagram Live session.

During the tour, Kimberly, 38, shared that she is "loving" living outside of Austin and said that getting more space for her big family was "really, really necessary."

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