James Van Der Beek and His Family's Cutest Photos from Their New Texas Life

The Dawson's Creek alumnus and his wife Kimberly are coming up on the one-year anniversary of relocating to the Lone Star State with their five children: son Joshua, 9, and daughters Gwendolyn, 3, Emilia, 5, Annabel, 7, and Olivia, 10

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Hunting for Treasure

The four eldest Van Der Beeks combed through rocks to find where X marked the spot, in an end-of-summer shot taken by their dad.

"Whatever you're searching for… even if the pathway there has yet to reveal itself… happy hunting. ❤️" he captioned the classic snap.

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Nice One, Dad!

It's a 10! The actor showed off his best back flip from a tree branch during a stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on the family's August road trip.

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Lake Days

Lights, camera, life jackets, smile! Joshua, Annabel, Emilia, Gwendolyn and Olivia snuggled up to their pops during a picture-perfect day at Missouri's Table Rock Lake – rainbow included.

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Tree Climbing Chats

Perhaps chatting about being the only men in the family – or who would jump in the water next – James and Joshua caught up on a tree branch during their adventure in Arkansas.

"Who knew Arkansas was SO SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL?!! Diving into nature with the kids has been incredibly healing and invigorating," Kimberly wrote of the photo.

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She's the Captain Now

James Van Der Beek daughter
James Van Der Beek/Instagram

The actor kicked back and relaxed while Annabel drove a pontoon boat in Lake Hamilton, Arkansas.

"These dammed-up rivers are so much fun, I've even stopped minding that y'all call them 'lakes,' " James teased.

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You, Me and the RV

Sharing a shot of Joshua toeing the Gulf of Mexico with a bucket in hand, Kimberly summed up all the fun the family was having on their late summer road trip.

"Finding big crabs, naming little hermit crabs, finding great sticks and feathers. Perfectly balanced by the chaos of breaking in a new, spectacular RV but finding all the kinks, the most mosquitos we have ever encountered, horse flies, our dog running away back home (and being found!)… Overall, I give it an A. We'll be back," she wrote.

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Amateur Carpentry

Playing gentleman farmer, the actor announced plans for a "MOBILE chicken coop" that he was building himself.

"Never mind that I've never raised chickens before, or attempted a build this complex. But when you launch into the unknown with your eyes wide open, the lessons are yours to keep," James explained.

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Playing in a Local League

Go Dad! The star's five children formed their own cheering section to root for their pops at bat in a local baseball league.

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Enjoying Community Theater

Encore! James, Olivia, Joshua, Annabel and Emilia watched a local production of Little Shop of Horrors from the lawn seats.

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Swimming in the Ol' Watering Hole

Cowabunga! Dad proved that he's still got it with a bold back flip from a rope swing into a swimming hole.

"Don't you dare do it!" one his young daughters screamed before the flip, before awarding the stunt a high score of "a million thousand twenty point seven."

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Celebrating a Wedding

Here come the Van Der Beeks! The family of seven got all dressed up to attend an outdoor wedding in Austin.

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Epic Easter Egg Hunt

The kids got an epic Easter egg hunt, with the youngest Van Der Beeks filling their baskets all over their 36-acre ranch

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In the Dog House

Don't mess with Texas — or Dad. Theo and Windsor, two of the family's pack of five pups, made a break for it and gave Van Der Beek a reason to run.

"Made Daddy chase them for a mile down the river. In flip flops. Off-leash privileges revoked until further notice," the dog dad explained.

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Hay, New Friend

Befriending their new neighbors, the elder Van Der Beeks met some gentle local horses. They even brought a little something as a hospitality gift: apples and carrots.

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Having Snow Much Fun

Snow mistaking this for L.A.! The kids played in the snow with their dogs, making snow men and snow angels in the winter wonderland.

Grateful for the extra room to roam, James wrote "In the midst of all this man-made chaos... Mother Nature dropped a little bit of magic. 🙏🏻❄️⛄️"

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Embracing the New Year

The doting dad released the old and celebrated the new on the last day of 2020 in a heartfelt Instagram post. The four-part carousel featured pics of a hike with Gwendolyn and Joshua, James next to his brother Jared, and two stunning sunsets over the open plain.

"Today, I'm finding myself grateful for the battle scars. For the master classes in patience, in handling grief, in manifestation and recognizing what's actually important," he wrote. "Cheers to a new year made brighter by gratitude for our newfound spiritual ninja skills — even if they came the hard way."

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ATVing with Mom

Beep beep! The youngest Van Der Beek joined Kimberly on an ATV for a little spin on the property.

"Home on the ranch! Sending ya'll lots of love for a beautiful, healthy new year filled with growth, laughter and love," the mom of five wrote, also sharing a snap of her husband and father-in-law James on the porch.

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Chopping Logs on Christmas

Santa seemed to forget to bring firewood, so the actor chopped logs himself.

"Texas Chainshaw Christmas Dinner," he joked, felling the firewood and even cooking some drumsticks on it.

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Queen of the Castle

"The OG pups loving their newfound ranch life," Kimberly wrote in November 2020 – and so was she.

Relaxing on the porch, the mom thanked fans and followers for their support through the last year then, following two pregnancy losses.

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End of the Rainbow

They say everything's bigger in Texas – rainbows included.

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Joshua fearlessly leapt into an infinity pool during a summer swim, while one of his sisters practiced her best cannonball skills.

"Finally ventured off the ranch... Austin continues to impress," James captioned the November snaps.

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Home Sweet (New) Home

The Van Der Beek kids explored their family's new Austin-area property in pictures that seemed to be from a storybook after their October 2020 move.

"Moving to the country is a dream I've had for years. Will give you peeks on our journey along the way," Kimberly wrote.

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