"It was not about me whining and crying and being annoying on the creek," the actor joked in his Instagram Story Tuesday

By Ashley Boucher
February 25, 2020 07:50 PM

James Van Der Beek is giving his daughter a Dawson’s Creek recap — with a few liberties to the storyline.

The 42-year-old actor shared a series of videos on his Instagram Story on Tuesday in which his daughter asks him about the plot of the beloved teen drama on which he starred from 1998 to 2003.

“Why is it called Dalson’s creek?” she asks, mispronouncing the title. “Is it because Dalson owns a creek and someone tries to destroy it?”

“Exactly,” Van Der Beek answers, turning to the camera with a laugh.

“He owns a creek, and then someone tries to blow it up, so he has to use kung-fu ninja moves,” the father of five continues.

“I can imagine you doing that,” his daughter replies, giving her best ninja impression.

James Van Der Beek and daughter
James Van Der Beek/Instagram
James Van Der Beek and daughter
James Van Der Beek/Instagram
James Van Der Beek and daughter
James Van Der Beek/Instagram

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“That’s what it was,” Van Der Beek said. “It was not about me whining and crying and being annoying on a creek. It definitely was not that.”

Of course, that description is much closer to the real thing than the kung-fu-wielding creek owner narrative.

Van Der Beek played the titular Dawson Leery, who viewers watched come of age from high school and into college alongside costars Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams.

Van Der Beek shares children Olivia, 9, Joshua, 7, Annabel, 5, Emilia, 3, and Gwendolyn, 19 months, with his wife Kimberly.

Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson
Frank Ockenfels/Warner Bros/REX/Shutterstock

Last month, the Dancing with the Stars alum opened up about fatherhood on Instagram and finding “connection” with his kids through the everyday parts of life.

“Sometimes nervous fathers-to-be ask me for advice, and I try to be careful, because every kid is different, and so is every dad,” he wrote alongside a series of photos with his five children.

“But one thing that feels pretty universal… is the value in trying to be present, and treating each moment as an opportunity for connection. Whether you’re on vacation in an RV or changing a diaper in a public restroom, celebrating a soccer goal or trying to calm them down when they’re crying or throwing up or hungry or angry or crazy or all of the above… if you look at the situation simply as the apparatus within which you get to forge a bond with your kid… you’ve won.”

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“Because you’ve created space for your own special brand of magic to kick in,” he continued. “No father is perfect – we’re all human and we all get overwhelmed at times – but if connection is your goal… you can’t really screw up. Even when you screw up. And you’ll probably find yourself happier than you ever have before.”

He told PEOPLE recently that when it comes to parenting, he’s found honestly to be the best policy.

“My philosophy has always been to be completely honest,” he said — except when it comes his to Dawson’s Creek recaps.