James Taylor Says Nothing Compares to Being a Grandfather

Music legend James Taylor is living large — kid style! A father to his 7-year-old twins Henry and Rufus and a grandfather to 16-month-old Bodhi, whose mom is James’ daughter Sally, the singer has babies on the brain. While he shares that having twins makes life “easier than having two kids of different ages — you basically just do everything twice” — he admits that nothing compares to having grandchildren!

“Kids are kids, but any grandfather will tell you — you get to hand them back to their parents when you’re tired. When you’ve got your own, you’ve got them all the time.”

The daughter of two classic singer/songwriters — her mom is Carly Simon — Sally shares that her parents have constantly encouraged her to follow her dreams, something she says has worked well for her family. “To continuously do what your heart tells you to do is something that they’re both products of,” she explains. “If I can continue to do that, I think I’ll probably be in good standing.”

Getting her parents seal of approval is important for Sally and the first-time mom received two thumbs up when she revealed to her parents the name of her baby boy. Recalling that “they both really loved it,” Sally explains that the zen-like name worked well for her parents. “My dad’s all about vowels and consonant sounds and being able to call someone like Bodhi…that was perfect for him,” she says. “My mom just loved the concept of the magical spirituality of it.”

As for Sally and her husband Dean Bragonier, their frequent travels to Southeast Asia inspired the “exotic” moniker, which is derived from Buddhism.

“Bodhi is the tree that the Buddha was enlightened under, and in Buddhism, Bodhi is someone who doesn’t need to incarnate again, but incarnates for the compassion of helping others to achieve enlightenment. Bodhi’s fatwa is way too long and way to heavy. You just don’t want to burden your son with the heavy load of having to become a Buddhist monk, so what are you going to do?”

Henry and Rufus are James’ boys with his wife Caroline ‘Kim’ Smedvig.

Source: OK!

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