James Corden Told the Nurse 'Beyoncé' When He Couldn't Decide on a Name for His Newborn

"If anyone out there is wondering what to get me for Christmas, a vasectomy would be wonderful," Corden joked on his show Thursday night

James Corden was back hosting The Late Late Show after welcoming his baby girl on Tuesday.

The new dad, 39, returned his CBS late-night show on Thursday after a two-day break, which saw singer Harry Styles and actor Bryan Cranston fill in on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

“Very unexpectedly, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We’re over the moon. It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours. It really has,” Corden began his opening monologue.

“Over the weekend, my wife started experiencing some sort of pain in her stomach. We checked it out,” he explained. “We thought it had gone away and we went into a routine checkup on Tuesday and suddenly the doctors turn to us and say, ‘Oh, no, this is probably happening today and this baby could arrive in the next few hours.’ ”

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James Corden after baby

James Corden

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The 2018 Grammy Awards host added it was, “A complete shock; we were unprepared. It’s a really terrible thing, and your wife is eight and a half months pregnant, and the doctor is talking to her about very serious things about giving birth and there’s really no easy way to bring up the fact that you have to tape a show that day.”

“Take my word for it: You can’t say that without sounding like a d—. I was like, ‘When you say how likely, like how likely?’ ” Corden told viewers. “She said, ‘Well, you just have to wait and see.’ But I was like, ‘Owen Wilson and Seal are on the way to the show … how likely?’ ‘Well, very likely.’ ”

“So I did what I always do in my life at a time of crisis: I call Harry Styles,” he continued. “And God bless him for filling in for me.”

Terence Patrick/CBS

Harry Styles

“[Harry] was incredibly nervous, and bless him, he knew we were in a tight spot. He said, ‘Sure, I’ll be there.’ It was an amazing thing for him to do,” the father of three explained. “And I said to him, ‘Look, this works both ways man. If you ever need me, I can fill in for you at one of your concerts. You just say the word.’ And he said, ‘James, that won’t be necessary.’ ”

While his newborn arrived two days ago, the new parents have not decided on a name for her yet. “We were not expecting this baby to arrive for another couple of weeks. We didn’t think this would happen, and so this is absolutely true: We still haven’t chosen a name for her yet,” Corden said.

“After the baby was born — anyone who’s been in this situation will know — we were both crying, I was crying my eyes out, my wife’s crying her eyes out, the baby’s crying and the doctor asked about her name … and I looked at the doctor and said, ‘We’re going to call her Beyoncé.’ My wife did not think that was funny,” he continued.

“Especially after the nurse went to the other side of the room and started filling out her form with the name Beyoncé and I had to go over to her and say, ‘There’s only one Beyoncé.’ But we still don’t know what to call her. We’re so happy,” Corden said.

“And on top of everything else, I was finally able to experience The Late Late Show the way most of our TV audience does, which is having it on in the background while feeding a crying baby at 1 in the morning,” he joked.

“My wife would like to thank everybody who sent us so many lovely messages and kind words after the birth of our third child,” Corden concluded. “We feel so blessed and so lucky. I feel so lucky just to be here telling you about it, I really, really do. And if anyone out there is wondering what to get me for Christmas, a vasectomy would be wonderful. I think we’re done now!”

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James Corden and wife Julia

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PEOPLE confirmed in July that the couple — who are already parents to 6½-year-old Max and 3-year-old Carey — were expecting a third child.

While he enjoys filming the Late Late Show’s popular segment Carpool Karaoke, Corden previously stated that his day job is nothing compared to parenthood.

“What’s more scary? Being a father. No question,” he told PEOPLE in 2015. “It’s just a TV show. It all pales in significance.”

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