"What's more scary? Being a father. No question," he says

By peoplestaff225
Updated February 18, 2015 06:00 PM

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Late nights are all about diaper duty for new dad James Corden.

But his after-hours schedule is about to take a turn when the British actor and comedian takes the reins of the Late Late Show from Craig Ferguson in March.

“I’m nervous and excited,” Corden, 36, said of his new hosting gig while at the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood party sponsored by Grey Goose, held Tuesday night at No Vacancy.

Even still, his nerves hardly stand up in comparison to what it was like to become a father. “What’s more scary? Being a father. No question,” he shares. “It’s just a TV show. It all pales in significance.”

While fatherhood consists of “a lot of feeding and burping” 4-month-old daughter Carey, Corden and his wife Julia still want to distribute the nighttime duties fairly.

“[It’s] mostly whoever is nearest,” jokes the comedian. “Me and my wife do rock, paper, scissors for who gets up in the night. That happens all the time.”

And even though Corden’s job is to keep people laughing, nothing is as sweet as making his daughter smile. “She just grins really big,” says Corden of her reaction to him pinching her cheeks. “She’s a cutie!”

Balancing family — which also includes the couple’s son Max, 3½ — and work will be a no-brainer for Corden. “My son calls Saturday, ‘Dad-urday’ and Sunday is Funday,” he explains. “We will get to have that and that’s the most important thing.”

— Raha Lewis