Jaime Pressly already has baby's name picked out

Though she just announced her pregnancy last night on the Tonight Show, People magazine already knows the name Jaime Pressly and fiance DJ Eric Cubiche have picked out for their baby, due in May.

According to Jaime, she and Eric will name their son Desi/Dezi James, (Us has it as Desi, People has it as Dezi) even if their ultrasound on Monday ends up revealing that it’s a girl. Desi comes from Desi Arnaz because When Eric arrives home, he calls does an I Love Lucy impression calling her "Luuuuuuuuucy" while James is Jaime’s dad’s name (and a version of her own first name).

Cubiche won’t be the baby’s last name because it’s her fiance’s performance name. Jaime said "Cubiche" is Cuban for "homey." His real last name is Calvo.

The baby’s gender isn’t confirmed but they think it’s a boy. Jaime says she will find out the sex for sure on Monday when she will go for the 3D ultrasound, but one doctor thinks it’s a boy from her first ultrasound. "She asked me what I thought I was having and I said a boy…She looked at the picture and said, ‘If that’s not a boy, that’s a third leg.’ Of course, Eric says ‘it’s because he’s Cuban.’" Her other doctor thought it was "probably his finger."

Source: People magazine

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