Jaime King: How We're Choosing Our Second Child's Name

"It's not easy, but I like classic and eclectic mixed together so it's a bit of both of my worlds at the same time," she tells PEOPLE

Jaime King knows that it isn’t always easy finding the perfect fit when dressing for two.

“It’s very interesting. There’s not a lot of brands out there that have maternity clothes that make you still feel modern, sexy, beautiful, elegant — and the way that you want to feel — and also, really comfortable at the same time when you’re pregnant,” King, who announced her second pregnancy in February, tells PEOPLE.

But the expectant mama says that ever since she “became a pregnant lady with [her] first child,” son James Knight, she’s been a huge fan of one particular maternity apparel retailer: A Pea in the Pod. And now the mom-to-be is their official new brand ambassador.

“I really appreciated that they had some really wonderful brand collaborations [and] that the clothing themselves were something that I actually wanted to wear and that I felt good in,” King, who has linked up with the retailer for their fall 2015 campaign and new denim line, Luxe Essentials Denim, says.

Jaime King a pea in the pod

Courtesy A Pea in the Pod

Not to mention, the actress also has her own denim collection with the retailer that is “designed after different friends that are mothers that [she] admires.”

“I really wanted to make jeans that were inspired by women of so many different backgrounds, and so many different situations, and that are mothers that I think are really incredible and inspirational to me,” King, who created jean styles like Jess for Jessica Alba and Kim for Kim Kardashian, explains.

“I wanted everything to mean something,” King continues. “The most important mantra that I had in my head when designing those jeans was that I never wanted any woman to leave the dressing room feeling like she didn’t look beautiful. I was very cognizant of the way that I designed each pair of jeans.”

And although King hasn’t revealed her exact due date, she’s been feeling “very pregnant” these days.

“I feel like this baby is definitely on its way, but I feel happy and joyful, and excited,” the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For actress shares. “It’s just a miracle. It’s really such a miracle to be able to carry a child and to experience that process. It’s been really fun — pregnancy comes with so many different things. It’s terrifying.”

She continues, “It’s exciting. Your whole life is changing. It’s the last moments that I’ll know with just having one child and being with my husband. Then all of a sudden, it’ll be two [children]. There’s always an inner adjustment period, but the idea of being able to create a life and create a bigger family — it’s really exciting for me. I feel very, very lucky.”

And King says 20-month-old son James Knight seems to already know that he has a younger sibling on the way.

“He points to my belly and says, ‘Baby, baby, baby,’ and then he looks at the ultrasound pictures and says, ‘Baby,’ ” King explains. “Now that the nursery has just been done, I think he’s starting to get it.”

As for how King and husband Kyle Newman are getting James Knight ready for the newest addition to their family?

“I think that by consistently loving him and talking to him, and not going overboard with like, ‘Okay you’re going to have a baby and you’ve got to get ready for this,’ ” King explains. “I feel like by innately including him in everything that we do, in the process [we’re] letting him know that there’s a baby on the way.”

The couple also made sure there was a special place for James Knight in tot number two’s nursery.

“For me, it was really important to create a nursery which felt like we could want to be in there as adults and James Knight would have a space in there,” King, 36, says. “I didn’t want him to feel like that wasn’t his room as well.”

“We have this great little play table that’s for his age and a teepee for him and his little coloring books,” King adds. “[We’re] doing everything that we can to make sure that he knows that he’s always included in his little sibling’s life in every way, shape or form. Hopefully, they’ll form that bond through the beginning and he won’t ever feel isolated in any way at all.”

Jaime King A Pea in the Pod

Courtesy A Pea in the Pod

And even though King is preparing James Knight for the arrival of the new baby, she admits one thing that makes her nervous about becoming a mommy-of-two.

“Double strollers make me very nervous. They’re big. They’re really big,” King says with a laugh. “Double everything. I mean two is a lot of baby stuff.”

Still, King says she’s looking forward to her little ones growing up together.

“A lot of people who have babies close in age say that they’re very, very close — I’m excited about that part,” King says. “I’m excited that they get to grow up so close together and hopefully be best buddies.”

And like James Knight, King says the family’s newest member will also go by their first and middle names.

“I know the first part. We just have to decide on the second part,” King shares. “Names are never easy, you don’t want something to be too Hollywood and out there.”

She adds, “I want my child to feel strong in life and in business and what they do, but it’s still romantic at the same time … It’s not easy, but I like classic and eclectic mixed together so it’s a bit of both of my worlds at the same time.”

As for the best part of mommyhood for the soon-to-be mother of two?

“Everything that meant so much to me before — it’s not that it doesn’t mean anything — but life takes on a completely new meaning when you’re responsible for another human being,” King explains. “It’s very profound to be able to have the privilege of giving life and sharing life with people that you love.”

— Mariah Haas

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