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Every child has a favorite toy and for Jaime King‘s son, it’s his mama’s makeup bag.

The 36-year-old actress told PEOPLE at the Plenti event in New York City on Wednesday that her 19-month-old son James Knight “is like a professional makeup artist now.”

“He sat in my lap since he was 6 weeks old … watching my makeup being done for every event,” King says. “Now we had to get him his own little makeup kit.”

And from the looks of it, it seems like he has already learned a lot. “He came down the other day — I was so proud of him — he came down with Touche Éclat concealer on his T-zone and under his eyes,” she shares.

“But it wasn’t blended in, it was like stripe, stripe, stripe, stripe, stripe and Burberry lipstick on his lips, but just clearly outside the lines. I was like, ‘Oh my God. This kid is amazing.’ ”

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But the proud mama isn’t the only one noticing James’ skills: King’s makeup artists now contribute to his cosmetics kit and give him new brushes.

“He’s a snob and when they try to give him the cheap brush, he’s like, ‘Give me the squirrel,’ ” she jokes.

But his favorite makeup item of choice is his mommy’s lipstick.

“It’s a constant day-to-day battle where I am fighting a tube of lipstick out of his hands and he gets deeply upset,” she shares. “He’s such a loving, happy baby, but I’ve never really seen him lose it the way that he does when I take a tube of lipstick from him.”

King is expecting her second child later this year with husband Kyle Newman and has been much more relaxed throughout the pregnancy.

“I feel like the anxieties that I had after I first had my son about being perfect and making everything perfect, I really let that go,” the mom-to-be explains. “I was so used to being a perfectionist at work where I had to please everyone and everyone had to like me … and then after having my son, I realized I bring excellence to everything that I do.”

King adds, “I do it from my heart, I do it with love, but at the same time, I’m a human being and I need to take care of myself and I need to take care of my family.”

The Hart of Dixie actress has already named Taylor Swift as the godmother of her baby on the way, whose sex has not yet been revealed.

“She’s such a beautiful human being,” King says. “For me, in regards to a godparent … that is a really sacred thing, so for me the thought that goes behind who’s going to be a spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological influence on my child is a really, really big deal.”

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And for King, Swift was her answer.

“I just knew after being so close with her and watching how she works and watching how she lives her life and also her family is like my family,” she says, “so for me it felt like the only choice, the most natural choice.”

— Jessica Fecteau

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