The mom of two has teamed up with A Pea in the Pod for a new denim maternity collection

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Updated December 03, 2020 04:19 AM

Jaime King knows it isn’t always easy for expectant moms to dress for two, which is why she teamed up with maternity apparel retailer, A Pea in the Pod, to create her own denim line.

“[A Pea in the Pod] is basically what I lived in during my pregnancy,” King, who welcomed her second son Leo Thames in July, tells PEOPLE. “And I really wanted to create a line, which was a very well-rounded line of denim for women.”

Says King of her LOVE, JAIME For Luxe Essentials Denim collection: “I didn’t want one woman to feel bad in the clothing that they wear so every single item that I designed, I wanted to make sure that it would be beautiful for every single body type. That was something that was really important to me.”

Another key detail for King was having each pair “go with many different types of styles.”

“Because maternity clothes are expensive … [and] it’s an investment, I wanted to make sure that whatever I was making would be something that would transcend through an entire pregnancy and also, beyond after the pregnancy,” she explains.

Jaime King A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod

Not to mention, the actress “really wanted to create a collection that was inspired by the people that [she thinks] are amazing.”

“I basically used the qualities that I love most about these women and their sense of style and their different body shapes and types,” King, who created jean styles like Jess for Jessica Alba and Kim for Kim Kardashian, explains.

“As I was doing this I was like, ‘I really want them to have a personality and a life of their own,'” King adds. “That’s when I [started] thinking of my friends and the women that I admire as human beings and as mothers within my industry.”

As for how it’s been being a mom-of-two, King says, “Life is crazy.”

“It’s crazy joyful; crazy busy; crazy awesome; crazy scary you know being a mom and a parent it’s not for the faint of heart that’s for sure,” the Barely Lethal actress shares. “It’s like … someone took my heart and just ripped it out of [my] chest, and they’re just walking around with it in their tiny toddler hands.”

“It literally feels like all of you is with them—everything that matters, they’re carrying around.”

And King admits that having 2-year-old son James Knight in preschool has been an adjustment for her.

“I only let him go half-days because I miss him,” she shares. “By the time it’s 12 I’m like, ‘OK. Can we go get him now?'”

“I’m the kind of parent that after some fancy event I want to be like, ‘Can we pick up James Knight and play with him?’ I don’t. But it’s really hard for me not to get home from the Vanity Fair Oscar party or something,” King explains. “All I want to do is hang out with my kids. It’s like all of this other stuff, not that it doesn’t mean anything, but it pales in comparison to the experience of being with your child.”

And King has many adorable reasons to always want to be with her little ones.

At only 3 months, Leo Thames has a little personality of his own. “It’s starting to show. He’s such a talker,” the proud mama shares. “He’s really smiley and always very happy. It’s really wild how quickly they change.”

And he’s already taking after mom, says King, “he’s very animated like I am.”

“Leo Thames looks exactly like his dad, except with my eyes and my nose and he’s extremely tall,” she adds. “I’m definitely extremely passionate and I see that within our kids — and I love that.”

As for how James Knight likes being a big brother? He’s happily stepped into his older sibling role.

“He’s so cute. He loves his baby brother,” King says. “He always gives him hugs and kisses and holds him. He’s really, really sweet.”

And King, along with husband Kyle Newman and their tots love spending quality family time together.

“We love going on hikes … [and] we love anything with water because [James Knight] is obsessed with water,” King shares. “If he could literally drink out of the hose; and bathe in water; and swim in water; and then go from a bath, to then a pool, then a bath to the pool, then a bath to the pool; then drink more water—that’s all he would do all day long … He loves water.”

She continues: “He loves to dance so we’ll all go to dance class with him. We love to go to Disneyland. We love dancing and singing, putting on music and musicals and playing with makeup—and doing anything and everything [with] artistry and crafts.”

But the best part, King, 36, says, “we all do it together and that’s the fun thing.”

“We’re the true version of a modern family,” King, who describes the couple’s family as a “family of ten billion.”

“It’s not really just me, James Knight, Leo Thames and Kyle,” she explains. “It’s also like … all of our friends … [and] the people that are closest to me … they’re all family.”

“It’s more like, the more, the merrier and we believe that by [Leo Thames and James Knight] being by people that love them—and are creative and expressive—that that’s the most exciting thing.”

LOVE, JAIME For Luxe Essentials Denim collection will be available on Nov. 19.

Jaime King A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod

— Mariah Haas