Jaime King: Why I Chose Taylor Swift to Be My Baby's Godmother

"She's going to be, like, the best godmother in the whole world," the model-actress told PEOPLE. "The best."

There’s a lot that comes with having a baby, but choosing a godparent is a high priority for Jaime King.

“You know it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are or what you do,” King, 36, told PEOPLE at the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund‘s 2nd Annual Super Saturday L.A. event, sponsored by FIJI Water, on Saturday. “For me, choosing a godparent is a very sacred experience.”

The Hart of Dixie star, there to support the OCRF and Mary Kay Cosmetics, made the announcement via Instagram in March that she’d chosen singer and BFF Taylor Swift as godmother to her second child with husband Kyle Newman.


King, already mother to James Knight, 19 months (whose godmother is Jessica Alba), knows her best friend will be nothing short of extraordinary at the job.

“She’s going to be, like, the best godmother in the whole world,” King said. “The best.”

In fact, despite the fact that she just kicked off her 1989 World Tour, Swift is taking her godmother duties to heart, making it a point to pay King and her baby-to-be frequent visits.

“I was having my doctor check-up the other night and she came to visit and the baby was kicking for her,” King said. “It was so exciting and fun and sweet. She’s just fantastic.”

But that’s not the only reason she chose Swift for the gig.

“It wasn’t because it was this person and the name. It was really because of her morals and her values, the way that she treats people and how hard-working she is … her family and how close she is to them,” King explained.”I see what she gives out there to her fans and to her family. That’s the kind of person I want to be the guide and the spiritual protector of my child.”

–Christina Dugan

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