May 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Courtesy Jaime King

As a new mom still in the thick of newborn-ness, Jaime King has strong opinions about which baby items are really worth having.

And she’s more than willing to share her recommendations with others.

“I wish there had been a site like Cricket’s Circle when I was pregnant! I’m a minimalist, we don’t like to have a lot of stuff or junk or waste,” she said.

“Doesn’t matter what it costs, but does it work for you, your life and your child. I went through so many things out there and this is what I realize really works.

Recently, King revealed her favorites with the cool online mommy resource and we’re sharing a few with you. Check them out below.

Courtesy Cricket’s Circle

“The best stroller hands-down is the Orbit G3. I learned from Jessica [Alba] how to swivel the base to the side so you can put all your bags in there — it’s a luggage rack! The City Mini GT for hikes because it’s super-light.”

“There’s so many fancy brands out there but Fisher Price is the best. It’s affordable, available everywhere, well-made, tried and true.”

“The Jumparoo is both stimulating and educational.”

Sapling Child from Australia. I’m so obsessed, it’s really beautiful, organic, and uses nontoxic dyes. They all have a beautiful message that’s a great reminder for you and your baby.”

“The Nuna. I love that it grows with the baby, from a high chair to a regular chair to a seat. I can’t stand waste!”

BabyBjorn babysitter, we take it everywhere. He can sit up and hang out. I like to give him a bottle in it. A splurge is the Momaroo; it’s amazing. Of all the fancy products, it’s so worth it. It can rock newborns to sleep.”

“The Oeuf Sparrow crib is fairly affordable for being nontoxic. And Honest just came out with a $399 crib!”

“I have the star pattern Aden + Anais organic sheets, but I’m into the plain, white or purple/grey too. Something that I learned from my nanny: put 2 sheets on, so you can peel off the top one in the middle of the night if he pees through the diaper or the sleep sack and you’re not stripping the whole crib.”

“Someone gave me a fancy bathtub and it was supposed to tell the temperature and everything, but I love the Fisher Price one for the hammock because he’s immersed, but fully supported.”

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