Pregnant Jade Roper Tolbert Reveals She Suffered a Chemical Pregnancy Between Daughter and Son

Jade Roper Tolbert, who is expecting her third child with husband Tanner Tolbert, also suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with daughter Emmy

Jade Roper
Jade Roper Tolbert and son Brooks. Photo: Jade Roper/Instagram

Jade Roper Tolbert and husband Tanner Tolbert are gearing up to become a family of five, but the road toward that reality wasn't without its bumps.

In a Q&A session on her Instagram Story Thursday night, Jade, 33, revealed that aside from suffering a miscarriage before the couple's daughter Emerson "Emmy" Avery was born in August 2017, she also had a chemical pregnancy between Emmy and son Brooks Easton, who turns 1 later this month.

"Yes," the Bachelor in Paradise alum answered when asked if she'd ever had a miscarriage. "I don't talk about them publicly very much, probably because I still always cry even though a lot of time has passes, and it always catches me off guard that there's still so much emotion under the surface."

"We lost a baby when we first got together and then I also had a chemical pregnancy the month before I became pregnant with Brooks," Jade added.

She went on to share a diagram about chemical pregnancies, writing that they are "believed to affect 75 percent of pregnancies that end in miscarriage." (According to the American Pregnancy Association, a chemical pregnancy "occurs when a pregnancy is lost shortly after implantation, resulting in bleeding that occurs around the time of her expected period" and "may account for 50 to 75 percent of all miscarriages.")

Jade Roper
Jade Roper Tolbert's Instagram Story. Jade Roper/Instagram
Jade Roper
Jade Roper Tolbert's Instagram Story. Jade Roper/Instagram

In February 2019, while pregnant with Brooks, Jade opened up about her past miscarriage, sharing in an Instagram post that she and Tanner, 33, conceived during their stint on BiP but ultimately lost the baby.

"I had a miscarriage. These words have burned inside me for over three years," she wrote. "I was honestly so scared to share our story, because I have always had this inner voice that's said I don't matter as much, especially when it comes to my struggles or my pain. My journey with my grief has been a rollercoaster, and so I've never even known really where to start with telling others."

"I've also been afraid to tell people Tanner and I got pregnant on Bachelor in Paradise while filming," she continued. "I've been keeping this weight for a long time, but being pregnant now again, all these emotions have been on the surface for me. I just felt it was time to get it out of me and share our story and honor our baby."

"Thank you for all the kind words, they've made me feel very loved and have made me feel less alone. ❤️ … #ihadamiscarriage," Jade concluded.

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Jade and Tanner announced they were expecting their third child on May 18, sharing a hilarious photo of the third-time mom-to-be and her kids sitting on top of a facedown Tanner — who seemed a little overwhelmed as he held up a strip of ultrasound photos and a positive pregnancy test.

That same day, the couple revealed in a Q&A on Jade's Instagram Story that she was 13 weeks along and due to give birth around Thanksgiving.

"17 weeks pregnant!" Jade wrote on Instagram in mid-June, sharing a photo of her bare baby bump. "Haven't been good at doing these little bump-dates, but hopefully I'll have more energy soon to take cute pics!"

The former reality star continued in her post, "I'm thinking this is our last baby, so wanting to soak up every moment (laughing at myself when I say this cuz our kids keep us crazy busy lol) and document everything since it'll be the last of the firsts."

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