June 13, 2016 12:50 PM

New moms know that sacrifice is just part of being a parent. For Jacqueline Piñol, that has come in the form of pumping milk for her son in a bathroom stall.

“There’s judgment if you breastfeed [in public], but then there’s judgment if you’re taking too long [in the bathroom],” the Bordertown actress, 37, shared on the latest edition of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk series.

She then goes on to describe an experience in which, to avoid the judgment of breastfeeding in public, she tried using a bathroom stall to pump milk to be able to feed her 3-month-old son Atlas.

“I have to sit in a stall and pump for five to 10 minutes, and then I have to hear people outside complaining because ‘The lady in the first stall is taking forever,’ ” Piñol says.

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Former Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Killoren Bensimon can relate — she can remember cramming into an airplane bathroom to feed her daughters, who are now teenagers.

“I didn’t want people to see me breastfeeding,” Killoren Bensimon, 48, explains. “Now, people are more open about it, but 18 years ago, people were not really eager about seeing [other] people breastfeed.”

Says Piñol, “I don’t want to pump outside [the bathroom stall] because then they’re looking at you, and they’re like, ‘Why are you [pumping in public]?’

“It’s like you can’t win, and all you’re trying to do is feed your baby,” she adds. “It’s really hard to please everybody, and I think we just have to do what we feel is best for us.”

Jen Juneau

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