Jaclyn Stapp's Blog: 'Life Is Beautiful - But I Am Out of Shape' After Baby

"It's like having my cake and eating it too (not literally)," new mom of three Jaclyn Stapp jokes of getting back into yoga and meditation with her kids

Jaclyn Stapp is a third-time mama!

The wife of Grammy winner Scott Stapp gave birth to the couple’s third child and second son together, Anthony Issa, in November. They are also parents to son Daniel Issam, 7½, plus daughter Milán Hayat, 10. Scott, 44, also has a 19-year-old son named Jagger.

The Creed and Art of Anarchy rocker wrapped a solo tour late last year, and is writing new music during his downtime. Former Miss New York USA Jaclyn, 37, is focused on CHARM, her nonprofit charity that provides education and support to underprivileged children.

The spouses revealed to PEOPLE exclusively in June that they would welcome another baby into the family, sharing gorgeous photos from their elegant “Royal Prince”-themed baby shower in October and sweet family photos introducing Anthony in December.

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Michael Sati

Jaclyn Stapp and son Anthony

Baby Anthony has finally arrived, and the joy still permeates throughout the house and even around the block! Life is beautiful, but I am out of shape.

Michael Sati

Hormones making their way back to earth, diapers, bottles, engorged breasts, interrupted sleep, loose skin and the unspoken comment “baby’s got back” are happening fast. My mirror talks, and after six weeks post-baby, its time to reboot, reorganize and restructure as the CEO of my family of three active kids.

Michael Sati

Jaclyn Stapp, son Daniel and daughter Milán

Get control, delegate and accept dinner offers, babysitting and house cleaning help! I must reclaim life by going back to eating for one, good health and exercise for my whole family.

How, with three cherubs in the house?

I found the answer in my own backyard — well, actually, in my living room!

I implemented the “wax on, wax off” theory: exercise using Mommy-and-me time without leaving the house through my homemade yoga and meditation class. I also incorporated plyometrics and resistance training from the SWEAT App on my iPhone; Post-Pregnancy with Kelsey Wells and the Belly Bandit have really given me a kick start!

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I custom-designed the class with tree poses, leg lifts, arm lifts, baby-kiss planks and Mommy-and-me abs. With little Anthony by my side, I improvised the baby-cradle positions, lifting, pulling and squatting — to the background of Scott Stapp tunes, of course.

I really found such bliss getting back to yoga and meditation with my kids. I am so proud seeing them trying hard to get into the balance positions despite downward dog turning into downward duck.

Michael Sati

Jaclyn Stapp and son Anthony

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Ten-year-old Milán is my partner, 7-year old-Daniel chimes in and cuteness overload with baby Anthony is the center of our Ohm. Our 45-minute bonding time is fun and challenges them to reach their potential, to keep balance and stretch gracefully while avoiding an accidental toot … especially from an unpredictable baby. A tiny toot gets the room in an uproar, and everyone gets distracted. Talk about getting off your kilter!

Keeping control of my class is, in itself, a balancing act. Laughter in yoga is good — maybe not common, but good. After all, Anthony was only doing what comes natural. We try to end the session in good spirits, and with green smoothies waiting. Baby Anthony downs his milk and chills back in his baby swing, falling into his long noon nap.

Michael Sati

Jaclyn Stapp, son Daniel and daughter Milán

I found such bliss getting back to yoga and meditation, especially with my kids. It’s like having my cake and eating it too (not literally). The yoga, bonding time and hearing the kids ask, “Can my friend do yoga with us?” are nice.

It’s also nice to go from “baby’s got back” to hearing hubby say, “Yep, Mommy is definitely back.” I love it!

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