Jaclyn Stapp's Blog: I'm in the Home Stretch - and (Hopefully) Headed to the Hospital Soon!

"He feels like a 10-pounder, so I am sure there will be enough of him to go around," Jaclyn Stapp writes of her son Anthony, who is due to arrive any day

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Jaclyn Stapp is going to be a mom – again!

The wife of Grammy winner Scott Stapp is currently expecting their third child and second son together, whom they plan to name Anthony. The couple are already parents to Daniel Issam, 7, plus daughter Milán Hayat, 10. Scott, 44, also has a 19-year-old son named Jagger.

The Creed and Art of Anarchy rocker recently wrapped a solo tour, and is writing new music during his downtime. Former Miss New York USA Jaclyn, 37, is focused on CHARM, her nonprofit charity that provides education and support to underprivileged children.

The spouses revealed to PEOPLE exclusively in June that they will welcome another baby into the family, and shared gorgeous photos from their elegant “Royal Prince”-themed baby shower in October.

You can follow Jaclyn on Instagram @jaclynstapp and Twitter @mrsjstapp.

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Brook Kelly

Jaclyn Stapp

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Are we there yet? Well, not quite. I went from 1 centimeter to 2, and now it’s 3! “Three centimeters, do I hear 4? Four centimeters?” Sounds like an auction!

The numbers drive me nuts because they don’t match how I feel. While this sweet child wants out, his kicks and turns — not to mention his pressure on my bladder at 2 a.m. — remind me of how ready I feel to welcome him to the family.

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Jaclyn Stapp

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Brook Kelly

Jaclyn and Scott Stapp with their children

But we’re not quite there yet. However, there is good news and very good news!

Good news is that the baby is healthy, Daddy and kids went through the drill with the hospital tour, everyone is manning their stations, the school is notified about Milán and Daniel’s pickup, we’ve called the pediatrician and we are now standing by, very ready for Sir Anthony’s arrival.

The very good news is that God almighty is great — I still have energy! How? I can’t explain it, but I have been packing and unpacking, sometimes over-packing, then repacking. It’s even funnier with big sister and brother helping me pack and sort out the baby’s clothes.

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Brook Kelly

Jaclyn Stapp

More from Jaclyn’s PEOPLE.com blog series:

I could swear it wasn’t this complicated packing for our two-week vacation last year. The nursery is ready, the house is safe, everything is child- and drool-proofed again. It seems like the total interior of the house is padded. Lord help me when it’s time to remove the sticky padding or the cabinet locks that chipped my nails — and especially the fort-looking baby gates that the dogs hate!

Nonetheless, Anthony is sitting cozy, hugging me tight. I imagine he will suddenly decide at 3 a.m., just as I get back in bed positioned comfortably and fall asleep into deep REM, he will decide to make his grand entrance. It’s okay — I have been as ready as a fireman for that alarm. I’m on autopilot, ready to jump into my boots and head to the hospital. Just in case, I even have Uber on speed dial.

I have been called a rough tough cream puff, and I can do this. Right now, baby is holding on, taking his time, while I am ready to make time!

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Jaclyn Stapp

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The excitement is building up, and family and friends are waiting for the ball — I mean baby — to drop! Aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandmom all want a piece of Anthony. He feels like a 10-pounder, so I am sure there will be enough of him to go around.

I am just hoping after he is born, my scale will reflect that 10 lbs. plus, and that I can learn to go back to eating for one again! I can’t wait to be able to look down and see my toes again.

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