"We are more than halfway through this thing and are very excited to be parents again," the mom-to-be writes on her blog

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Updated December 03, 2020 12:52 AM
Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne

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Pearl Clementine is going to be a big sister!

Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa announced Saturday that they’re expecting again, posting a cute Instagram of their daughter, 2½, cradled on Mom’s belly.

Lisa elaborated on her blog, RaddestMom.com, writing, “I’m pregnant! Pearl is very happy to become a big sister. She diligently reads her ‘I’m a big sister’ books every night & recites to me her plans of bathing, feeding, singing to, and holding the baby. We are more than halfway through this thing & are very excited to be parents again! Thanks for all the well wishes.”

Jack, 29, and Lisa, 27, who married in 2012, sadly experienced a late-term miscarriage in 2013. But the couple, who’ve faced other hurdles, including Jack’s relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis diagnosis, have kept a positive outlook, focusing on Pearl’s mini-moments.

“The best has been Pearl hitting these major milestones from crawling to walking to talking,” Jack told PEOPLE last year. “That’s been really enjoyable for me to come home to after work.”

As the couple looks toward the future, will more children be in sight? As grandma Sharon told PEOPLE in 2013, Jack “wants about five kids and Lisa comes from a big family, too. They both want to have a whole brood.”

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— Kate Hogan