June 01, 2017 02:10 PM


For Jack and Lisa Osbourne, parenting their two little girls can sometimes be a bit overwhelming — but they know they only have so much time with their daughters while they’re very young.

“Sometimes it’s really hard whenever they’re super little and they just wanna be with you and on you all the time,” Lisa says of Andy Rose, 2 this month, and Pearl Clementine, 5, in an interview with PEOPLE Now.

“[Sometimes] at the end of the day I’m touched out — I’m like, ‘Everybody just back off, I don’t want anyone within 10 feet of me,’ ” she continues. “But they’re only gonna be this little for so long, and you want to absorb all those cuddles. I just tell myself, ‘This is not gonna last.’ I try to really savor it.”

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Laments Jack, 31, “There will come a time when they will be teenagers, and they will tell us exactly what they think of us in not-such-nice words.”

“Not looking forward to that part,” agrees Lisa.

But for now, the couple — who tied the knot in Hawaii in October 2012 — are enjoying the time with their girls. And as Lisa explains, Pearl is quite the model sibling.

“Pearl’s the greatest big sister ever. She’s so sweet,” the mom of two praises, while Jack adds, “Kindergarten starts in September. That’s exciting times.”

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Lisa says one of her favorite parts of being a parent is “the absolute unconditional love that kids give you,” sharing that Andy is “hitting a lot of milestones” and “talking a lot.”

“Sleeping in her own bed now,” Jack says.

“It’s so cute, it’s the tiniest little bed,” Lisa pipes in. “She’s so adorable.”

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The former star of The Osbournes, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012, says that he “[doesn’t] like to take days for granted” as he marks the five-year anniversary of his diagnosis.

“My biggest lifestyle change has probably just been perspective,” says Jack, who partnered with Teva Neuroscience to launch the campaign, “You Don’t Know Jack about MS.” “When I got diagnosed with MS, I was in my mid 20s, I felt unstoppable, and then all of a sudden you get hit with this roadblock.”

He continues, “I’m pretty active right now — I don’t have many restrictions as far as things I can’t do, and so I like to seize that. I do as many things as I can as far as being physically active and doing stuff with the kids. I almost feel like I can’t waste time.”

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