Jack Black's toddler techniques


Expounding on a previous interview in which he’s explained the delicate balance of toddler discipline, actor Jack Black recently told People that he thinks his approach is working. Of son Samuel Jason, 20 months, Jack shares,

So far no screwups. He’s super cute. He’s a dance machine. He does scream if he doesn’t get what he wants. I think that’s normal, but I’ve learned some new techniques.

Someone told me that you have to explain to them why they are not getting what they want. Even if he doesn’t speak yet, he can tell that I’m trying to communicate, and he respects me. He still cries, but he cries with less urgency and potency!

Jack, 38, and wife Tanya Haden are currently expecting their second child.

Source: People, January 28th issue, p. 152

What techniques do you use with your toddler?

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