October 14, 2015 12:05 AM

If there were ever such a thing as #DadGoals, Jack Black is setting the bar high.

The father to sons Samuel, 9, and Thomas, 7, and star of R.L. Stine‘s fantasy thriller Goosebumps, told PEOPLE at a fan screening on Monday he showed the film at his boys’ school to raise their street cred.

“I asked Sony Pictures if I could have a screening of it at my boys’ school so that me and the boys could go present to their friends. They could be the big shots bringing a big Hollywood movie to school,” he says. “My boys flipped and all the kids at the school flipped out.”

But the spooky, fun film wasn’t for everyone, Black, 46, admits.

“Some kindergarteners were a little scared and left early so I don’t really recommend it for 6 and under,” he explains. “Unless they’re unusually brave. But 7 and older is good, especially if they’re really into monsters.”

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

Black says his own kids loved the movie — so much that they wanted to do something special for their dad’s Hollywood premiere.

“My boys got obsessed with Slappy the ventriloquist dummy in the movie — and probably the scariest creature in the film. I took them to the Hollywood premiere and Sammy wanted to take a ventriloquist dummy with him on the red carpet,” he shares.

“[Thomas] wanted to be Slappy and he got dressed up, and I said, ‘Can’t you guys consolidate this thing? Can’t you guys control your little brother?’ And they insisted, ‘No we have to be separate Slappy performances.’ “

Goosebumps is in theaters Friday.

— Jessica Fecteau

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