Update: Denials all around! From Jen’s rep: "She’s 100% not pregnant." From Jen’s friend: "Do you think she could wear couture if she was pregnant?" From Jesse McCartney: "I have no first hand knowledge whether [she] is pregnant or not. I thought I had read it somewhere. I apologize."

It’s Friday so it’s time for another Jennifer Lopez is pregnant rumor! According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, tween popstar Jesse McCartney who is dating Katie Cassidy (yes, daughter of David Cassidy) and who has been cast in the are-we-really-ready-for-this-yet Dallas movie as Lucy Ewing "accidentally" spilled that the reason that Jennifer Lopez left the cast. When asked if his girlfriend had the scoop on why Jennifer left the film, Jesse said, "She wasn’t fired. She’s pregnant." The way he acted immediately after he leaked made it seem like he really didn’t mean to leak the news. We’re crossing our fingers that it’s true.

Thanks to CBB Reader Bellastar.