The mom of two says she schedules a special lunch date with Arabella once a week

By Becky Randel
Updated January 24, 2014 11:30 AM
Larry Marano/Getty

She plays a major role at one of the largest real estate corporations in the world while running her own fashion empire, but Ivanka Trump makes time for one special lunch date every single week – with 2-year-old daughter Arabella.

Trump, who spoke with PEOPLE during the ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the Gary Player Villa at Trump National Doral Miami, explained how she creates quality time with her daughter amid a very busy schedule.

“I have a weekly standing lunch date with Arabella, where she comes to the office and we have a business meeting. She is my most important lunch meeting of the week!”

The stunning mother of two (son Joseph was born in October) is all about “trying to create experiences” with her family, she says. One such experience took place the night before she left for Florida.

“I knew I was traveling today and wouldn’t be there when Arabella woke up, so I told her that before I left, we’d have a campout in the living room,” says Trump. “So we threw some sheets over a rolling rack, I brought home pizza and we made smores in the microwave.”

Trump also uses cooking as a time to bond with her kids. “There’s so many things you can teach a child when you cook,” she says. “Even the experience of taking them to the grocery store. You can enrich their vocabulary by just pointing at colors and ingredients.”

So how does Grandpa Donald weigh in on Ivanka’s parenting style? “Well, I think it’s great,” he told PEOPLE at the event. “She’s got two beautiful babies.”

As for how this slim mother of two bounced back into shape after her kids, she has genetics and reduced carbs – rather than hundreds of gym hours – to thank for that.

“It’s funny, when you’re younger, you feel guilty when you don’t exercise,” says Trump. “But when you have young children, you actually start feeling guilty when you exercise, because this is another hour I’m away from my kids!”

In fact, time (or lack thereof) is something Ivanka has in common with most moms. She may look glamorous, but, “I don’t even own a hair dryer,” she admits. “I air dry my hair. I wake up, I shower while the kids are sleeping and it dries while we eat breakfast.”