November 03, 2015 12:30 PM

Ivanka Trump and her clan are all about having a big, close-knit family.

The daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has always wanted a large family, she told PEOPLE Monday night at the Accessories Council‘s ACE Awards in New York City, where she was honored with the Breakthrough Award for her collection.

Trump, 34, is currently five months pregnant with her and husband Jared Kushner‘s third child.

The busy mom — she and Kushner are already parents to Joseph, 2, and Arabella, 4 — admits her daughter has a knack for creating embarrassing situations.

“My daughter makes me blush quite a bit,” the entrepreneur says. “She reveals things about me in awkward contexts.”

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Recalling the last time she was embarrassed, Trump shares that Arabella let out her pregnancy secret in a rather untimely manner.

“Probably it was Arabella announcing to everyone I was pregnant prior to me announcing it to even my family. Her whole nursery school class was congratulating me,” she says.

Overall, Trump’s twosome –and the one on the way — have brought a lot of love into her household. And the pair kicks the cuteness into overdrive when around their uncle, 9-year-old Barron Trump, Donald’s son with wife Melania.

“Arabella loves him,” she says. “She just is in awe of everything he does and just tails him around.”

Meanwhile, Barron is obsessed with his young nephew, Joseph.

“[Barron] is infatuated with Joseph, he thinks he’s the cutest little boy. It’s great to see how he plays with Arabella and how he takes care of Joseph,” Trump says. “It’s a really lovely dynamic.”

That dynamic will soon get a shake up when the third Kushner kid comes along, but Trump says with only four months until her due date, the reality of a new addition hasn’t “quite” hit her yet.

“I am starting to think about it,” she says of choosing a baby name. “It’s hard because I have a girl and a boy so I went through the drills. I’m dusting off my old lists.”

The mom-to-be adds, “We’re just starting. It doesn’t feel quite real to me yet. I still feel like I have so much time, but now we’re moving along … I have to get cracking.”

— Lydia Price

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