April 25, 2016 11:15 PM

You think you’ve had a busy month? Ivanka Trump has given birth, attended a rally for her father Donald, and hosted the grand opening of the Spa and Suites at Trump National Doral Resort — all in less than 30 days.

The new mother to Theodore James, born March 27th, spoke with PEOPLE in Miami as she presented the last piece of the $250-million, three-year Doral project.

Trump said of introducing baby Theodore to her other children, “My daughter is very independent, plus she’s incredibly confident of her place within the home. She is the boss of her brother — there was no ambiguity in her mind that Theodore would answer to her.”

She adds of daughter Arabella, 4½, “So for her I was not too worried about the transition.”

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As for son Joseph, 2, the fashion designer was a bit more concerned. “I was a little more worried about him, he’s very much a mama’s boy,” she explains.

Luckily, she says Joseph has welcomed the new addition with open arms. “He’s loved it. He loves giving Theodore his bottle, he loves snuggling with us for books, he’s always trying to kiss him — and obviously, doctor’s orders is not to have your young child kissing the baby’s face but it’s really hard to stop that!”

The daughter of the presidential hopeful also discussed how the parenting experience has been different this time around.

“With Arabella I was so nervous all the time, I was nervous about breaking her, I was nervous about dropping her, I was nervous about all the basic elements of being a first-time parent,” she recalls. “With Joseph, I was materially less nervous and now with Theodore I’m so busy chasing the other ones I don’t have time to be nervous!”

Looking gorgeous in a black and yellow floral dress from her eponymous line, Ivanka says she and husband Jared Kushner are really appreciating their time with baby Theodore.  “I’ve been enjoying this moment a lot more. Plus, I think when you’re on your third, you realize that the exhaustion is actually fleeting so you can even embrace that element … so I think you enjoy each of the phases a little bit more.”

Ivanka, 34, even took a rare working-mom moment for herself, indulging in a massage at the new, luxurious 10,000 square foot spa. Her verdict of the treatment? “I was blown away.”

— Becky Randel

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