Ivanka Trump Attends Father Donald's New York Rally Just a Week After Giving Birth

Ivanka touted her father'd strong character before introducing him to the crowd

Photo: Getty

Looking good, mama!

Just a week after giving birth to her third child with husband Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump hit the campaign trail for her father and GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Dressed in a simple, black, knee-length dress the business woman greeted the crowd, before introducing her father at his rally in Long Island on Wednesday.

“I’m excited tonight to introduce my father. There’s a lot of things that make Donald Trump special to me, as a parent and as a mentor,” Ivanka, 35, said to the cheering crowd. “But the most important is the strength of his character.

“As a young girl growing up my father always told me that I could do anything that I’d set my mind to. He meant it.”

Despite having a newborn and two other young children – Arabella Rose, 4, and Joseph Frederick, 2 – Ivanka looked radiant as she addressed the massive group, revealing that she found chose to come out, leaving her young son at home, because the election “is more important now than ever.”

Time will tell if Ivanka’s show of support rallies voters at the polls, as the Republicans hold their next primary in New York on April 19.

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