Featured Review: ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer: Keep Track of Your Baby's Details

by CBB Reviewer Nancy

Whenmy son was first home from the hospital, we kept track of his feeding,sleep and diaper changes dutifully in a composition notebook….forabout 3 weeks. It was annoying having to lug the notebook around (and Icouldn’t find the pen half the time). Add in a case of "Mommy Brain" -and the notations just stopped.

I wish I had something like ITZBEEN Baby Care Timerby Coast Innovations. My husband and I still ask each other, "What timewas the baby changed last?" Even though the baby is 20 months old now!The size of a large beeper, it’s going to help you remember feedings,changings, sleep or awake time (and even which side you nursed on).There is even a multi-purpose button that can remember when you gavemeds. There is even a backlight that will let you read the times in thedark and a soft-glow night-light, so you don’t trip over things in thedark.

Once you set the clock up, you can start using the ITZBEEN. Youclick the icon you are working on – ie: after your baby is changed, youpress the diaper icon to start the clock. This way, you’ll know howlong ago you changed junior. Instead of asking yourself, "What time didI change the baby? You’ll actually know how long it’s been!Which is how the product got its name by the way! Father turnedinventor, Greg Sheldon, used his engineering background to create acell phone sized device with four timers to help him and wife Kris toremember when they changed their son, when he was fed, how long heslept or was awake, or even when he was given medicine.

Since my husband doesn’t believe in wearing a watch at home, theITZBEEN Timer, with the built in clock and buttons will be great forkeeping track of our next baby’s info. I found it easy to use with Ben(though we only used the diaper changing and sleep buttons. There iseven a lock switch, so you don’t accidentally erase info. This wouldeven work well for twins (though you would need two and you’d have tolabel them). This is also a great thing to have around whengrandparents or a babysitter watches your baby – no more leaving awritten schedule around (just set the alarms ahead for when you wantthe baby changed, fed, napped, etc!!)

Challenge for Greg: For such type-a moms like myself, maybe a futureversion of ITZBEEN can have info sent wirelessly to a PC? It would bewonderful if have the diaper changes, feeding and sleep times into aspreadsheet (and I could input info with the touch of ITZBEEN’sbuttons!)

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