It's Hip Hop Baby: Using Music and Rhyme to Teach Children

My 3-year-old has always been really into music (what kid isn’t?) but trying to find something that holds her attention these days seems impossible. It’s Hip Hop Baby!, a new children’s DVD series aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, certainly does hold her attention. Beyond that it also teaches her key developmental concepts while causing her to have a blast.

Using child-friendly hip hop music to educate, the videos feature dance routines, musical performances, interviews with the “hip hop kids” and even a game of Simon Says (my daughter’s favorite part). Through music and rhyme — two of the most effective methods of incorporating new ideas into the world of a child — kids learn their ABC’s, animals, body parts and numbers.

While it seems like this is targeted at younger kids, I felt that my daughter benefited from this CD simply because it caused her to listen and learn how to follow simple instructions (no small feat). Also, something about the rhythm really appealed to her and since she recently learned to snap her fingers, she loves having this one and snapping to the beat. I give it a thumbs up for teaching her that skill alone!

Check out what celebrities like Holly Robinson Peete (Holly’s son, Roman, 3, was caught wearing an It’s Hip Hop Baby t-shirtin our post from May 17th!) and Justin Chambers have to say about It’s Hip Hop Baby!


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